• AMMDI is an open-notebook hypertext writing experiment, authored by Mike Travers aka @mtraven. It's a work in progress and some parts are more polished than others. Comments welcome! More.

Index by Date

philosophy24 Sep 2022 10:3662.6K
Heideggerian AI24 Sep 2022 09:4440.7K
Hubert Dreyfus24 Sep 2022 09:4450.8K
No Country for Old Men23 Sep 2022 04:5051.2K
Weird Studies/131 Knocking on the Abyssal Door23 Sep 2022 04:0731.0K
Weird Studies/Patreon18 Sep 2022 05:2130.6K
goddinpotty/TODOs18 Sep 2022 04:18320.3K
The Extended Mind18 Sep 2022 10:1950.7K
Sussman, Programming is fun15 Sep 2022 05:3460.9K
agentlike15 Sep 2022 02:4520.3K
Agency Made Me Do It15 Sep 2022 02:4305.9K
agency15 Sep 2022 08:4225.0K
Notes on Daybreak12 Sep 2022 07:44424.5K
anthropomorphic user interfaces11 Sep 2022 07:3381.9K
unus mundus11 Sep 2022 07:1042.0K
On Purpose11 Sep 2022 07:0549.5K
Weird Studies/Tarot/Wheel of Fortune11 Sep 2022 07:0548.3K
Technic and Magic11 Sep 2022 07:04360.7K
Monism11 Sep 2022 07:0360.0K
Weird Studies/Games11 Sep 2022 04:1531.4K
Dennett07 Sep 2022 03:4960.8K
nihilism07 Sep 2022 03:4159.0K
The Embodied Mind07 Sep 2022 03:4043.7K
Kenan Malik07 Sep 2022 03:4064.3K
Media Science Heroes07 Sep 2022 03:4042.1K
Materialism, Terry Eagleton07 Sep 2022 03:4076.5K
Stances, a Catalog07 Sep 2022 03:40425.1K
designer stance07 Sep 2022 03:4042.7K
narrative self07 Sep 2022 03:4054.3K
Some books on writing07 Sep 2022 03:38710.7K
Agency: notes and references07 Sep 2022 03:38415.4K
William Irwin Thompson07 Sep 2022 03:3851.5K
optimizing07 Sep 2022 03:3745.5K
Weird Studies/William James on Consciousness06 Sep 2022 07:1734.2K
How Buildings Learn06 Sep 2022 12:4350.4K
metaphor05 Sep 2022 01:0541.4K
Design for the Real World04 Sep 2022 12:1452.3K
Weird Studies/Joshua Ramey03 Sep 2022 07:5932.9K
Debugging with Agents03 Sep 2022 07:3061.2K
Programming with Characters03 Sep 2022 07:0060.3K
@Neo-Animism and Design: A New Paradigm in Object Theory03 Sep 2022 06:23101.7K
holism03 Sep 2022 11:5451.5K
Marvin Minsky/on holism03 Sep 2022 11:3730.3K
Trying Not to Try02 Sep 2022 04:0952.9K
Lao Tzu02 Sep 2022 03:5951.5K
Meditations on the Tarot/4 The Emperor02 Sep 2022 12:5654.1K
Drunk02 Sep 2022 09:4550.2K
Weird Studies/Holiday Memories02 Sep 2022 08:3131.3K
Steps to an Ecology of Mind02 Sep 2022 08:3150.0K
anthropotechnics28 Aug 2022 09:0260.3K
child as hacker28 Aug 2022 09:0040.1K
@The Child as Hacker28 Aug 2022 08:5961.4K
Patterns of Software28 Aug 2022 08:5150.4K
@Patterns of Software Tales from the Software Community28 Aug 2022 08:5170.5K
Habitability28 Aug 2022 08:5052.7K
Lisp28 Aug 2022 06:5442.8K
tulpoid28 Aug 2022 10:40101.2K
stance27 Aug 2022 05:2746.2K
Hacker Stance27 Aug 2022 05:2520.9K
Weird Studies/Neighbor George27 Aug 2022 05:2231.8K
Rich Hickey26 Aug 2022 07:3452.8K
Weird Studies/Trash Stratum26 Aug 2022 11:0832.3K
hacking26 Aug 2022 09:2441.3K
autistic26 Aug 2022 09:2240.6K
Wu Wei (Lisp)25 Aug 2022 07:4260.3K
Agnes Callard24 Aug 2022 08:2061.7K
Gerald Balzano24 Aug 2022 08:1580.5K
Human Compatible17 Aug 2022 10:0855.2K
Noodge17 Aug 2022 10:0160.8K
wireheading17 Aug 2022 09:5960.5K
Weird Studies/Wild Wild Country17 Aug 2022 05:2630.4K
The Director14 Aug 2022 07:1460.9K
subself14 Aug 2022 07:1460.5K
Living in Data10 Aug 2022 04:1750.5K
KnowOS10 Aug 2022 04:0190.2K
Weird Studies/Dogen09 Aug 2022 06:2730.8K
Weird Studies/A Glitch in the Matrix08 Aug 2022 08:2830.0K
Memory Palaces08 Aug 2022 08:2850.0K
Weird Studies/Piranesi06 Aug 2022 09:0032.3K
I Fight Authority06 Aug 2022 11:0962.3K
Mad Magazine06 Aug 2022 11:0860.3K
LWMap/Being a Robust Agent06 Aug 2022 09:20210.1K
future self06 Aug 2022 09:1950.4K
Weird Studies/William James06 Aug 2022 09:1434.3K
Higher Mathematics06 Aug 2022 12:1292.0K
Mathematical Universe05 Aug 2022 05:5760.2K
Weird Studies/Lem's New Cosmogony05 Aug 2022 05:5536.2K
The Government Within02 Aug 2022 08:0450.1K
Richard Rorty31 Jul 2022 05:5766.1K
sacred31 Jul 2022 11:4762.4K
flow30 Jul 2022 12:0940.3K
Free Play30 Jul 2022 12:0256.9K
RoamAway30 Jul 2022 08:2751.9K
Free Software Movement29 Jul 2022 02:30100.8K
conflict theory29 Jul 2022 02:24411.3K
spiteware29 Jul 2022 10:2280.6K
Ultimate Meaning: We Don't Have It, We Can't Get It, and We Should Be Very, Very Sad29 Jul 2022 10:14424.4K
LWMap/What Motivated Rescuers During the Holocaust?28 Jul 2022 05:33210.2K
My philosophy which is mine28 Jul 2022 12:0171.6K
Timothy Leary25 Jul 2022 12:4652.4K
Carl Jung25 Jul 2022 11:5750.1K
Mind Mirror24 Jul 2022 05:0970.5K
The Jewish Century24 Jul 2022 03:0052.9K
Logseq22 Jul 2022 07:4922.4K
Play22 Jul 2022 07:4828.0K
mind-destroying ideas22 Jul 2022 08:2471.3K
roam21 Jul 2022 07:5227.3K
metabetter21 Jul 2022 12:01623.8K
humanization21 Jul 2022 12:0070.9K
Being19 Jul 2022 01:2480.7K
Heidegger on the Connection between Nihilism, Art, Technology and Politics19 Jul 2022 01:1268.8K
Zohar Atkins on Heidegger19 Jul 2022 01:1293.6K
Meaningness19 Jul 2022 01:1143.9K
YMCYL Kindle Notes19 Jul 2022 01:11424.9K
Heidegger19 Jul 2022 01:0961.3K
Marvin Minsky/on Religion19 Jul 2022 09:0335.1K
The Programming Language Apects of ThingLab18 Jul 2022 01:4592.7K
Party Competition: An Agent-Based Model17 Jul 2022 08:5051.1K
Project Jefferson17 Jul 2022 08:3696.1K
Weird Studies/PKD17 Jul 2022 12:3031.5K
The Ultimate Lesson17 Jul 2022 12:2750.6K
Weird Studies/Mechanical Dollhouse16 Jul 2022 04:30312.0K
Marvin Minsky/Society of Mind16 Jul 2022 10:4533.3K
Portugese Mooch15 Jul 2022 08:5460.1K
Weird Studies/Garmonbozia15 Jul 2022 08:1832.1K
Weird Studies/Request List15 Jul 2022 06:5532.9K
Sandman15 Jul 2022 02:3661.2K
Weird Studies/Discord15 Jul 2022 08:0830.0K
Generative art/theory11 Jul 2022 10:1450.3K
Object-oriented ontology10 Jul 2022 03:5751.4K
Weird Studies/Graham Harman10 Jul 2022 02:2332.6K
Martin Buber10 Jul 2022 12:0351.6K
Anne Herbert10 Jul 2022 10:4250.9K
Lovecraft10 Jul 2022 10:1650.8K
Kafka10 Jul 2022 10:1051.2K
Finite and Infinite Games09 Jul 2022 05:3241.8K
capitalism09 Jul 2022 04:1062.2K
Marvin Minsky/True Names Afterword09 Jul 2022 04:06338.4K
Marvin Minsky/on Philosophers09 Jul 2022 04:0530.6K
Marvin Minsky/vs Chomsky09 Jul 2022 04:0431.9K
Marvin Minsky09 Jul 2022 12:0827.0K
Marvin Minsky/Why programming is a good medium for expressing poorly understood and sloppily-formulated ideas09 Jul 2022 09:5331.1K
Temporary Autonomous Zone09 Jul 2022 08:4970.7K
Volunteered Slavery09 Jul 2022 08:4171.9K
Survival in Auschwitz09 Jul 2022 08:0951.6K
Narrative Intelligence08 Jul 2022 12:1943.2K
II Cybernetic Frontiers07 Jul 2022 11:3650.2K
Behave!06 Jul 2022 06:4661.2K
Weird Studies/Erik Davis06 Jul 2022 04:2331.4K
Meditations on the Tarot/5 The Pope06 Jul 2022 08:0155.4K
Weird Studies/9 Crowley04 Jul 2022 04:3331.7K
High Weirdness04 Jul 2022 01:1244.0K
Meditations on the Tarot04 Jul 2022 10:3642.8K
AMMDI/An Apology04 Jul 2022 10:0351.1K
Magister Ludi03 Jul 2022 09:3749.9K
pace layers02 Jul 2022 06:1960.4K
imprimers01 Jul 2022 07:5341.0K
obedience01 Jul 2022 10:5871.8K
Meditations on the Tarot/12 XII The Hanged Man30 Jun 2022 03:0451.9K
métis27 Jun 2022 09:1162.1K
Weird Studies/13 Heraclitus27 Jun 2022 08:1230.7K
Weird Studies/On Modern Miracles27 Jun 2022 04:1031.0K
Bret Victor27 Jun 2022 12:3562.0K
Old Gods New Enigmas25 Jun 2022 10:2341.2K
Weird Studies/Bergson25 Jun 2022 06:4133.0K
Weird Studies/Tarot/The Moon25 Jun 2022 02:0542.3K
quarantine reading 202025 Jun 2022 02:0554.0K
tulpas25 Jun 2022 02:0542.4K
Weird Studies/Shirley Jackson24 Jun 2022 07:2630.3K
WordOfTheDay23 Jun 2022 10:3753.0K
Weird Studies/Matt Cardin23 Jun 2022 06:5030.5K
Pessoa23 Jun 2022 09:4050.8K
Weird Studies/Tarot/The Tower22 Jun 2022 06:1543.4K
Below the API22 Jun 2022 01:0660.8K
Weird Studies/Gebser22 Jun 2022 01:0535.2K
culture war20 Jun 2022 01:5840.4K
A consumer's guide to the foundations of reality17 Jun 2022 05:57512.8K
materialism17 Jun 2022 04:0971.3K
Unforbidden Pleasures12 Jun 2022 06:25100.6K
poverty12 Jun 2022 04:3470.6K
WorkPlay12 Jun 2022 03:5964.1K
Chicago Museum of Science and Industry11 Jun 2022 08:4160.6K
Weird Studies/Live in Chicago10 Jun 2022 06:1630.9K
Alan Moore/on anarchism09 Jun 2022 01:2162.7K
orthogonality thesis07 Jun 2022 01:4545.1K
Many Dimensional Man06 Jun 2022 10:3341.0K
Blood Meridian05 Jun 2022 10:4146.9K
Weird Studies/The Wanderer04 Jun 2022 01:0231.7K
I Contain Multitudes03 Jun 2022 12:2350.8K
weird computer science02 Jun 2022 03:1541.4K
Meditations on the Tarot/1 The Magician02 Jun 2022 12:1245.7K
Meditations on the Tarot/13 Death02 Jun 2022 10:2540.9K
Oliver Selfridge - Pandemonium31 May 2022 12:5670.7K
eliminativism31 May 2022 08:1442.5K
Answer to Job31 May 2022 08:0855.3K
malatheism31 May 2022 07:5841.1K
atheism31 May 2022 07:5641.9K
Firesign Theater30 May 2022 08:0960.3K
Hakim Bey/Satanic Mills30 May 2022 12:2961.2K
Weird Studies/Duncan Barford27 May 2022 01:0631.6K
Robert Heinlein26 May 2022 09:5431.7K
LWMap/A Map That Reflects the Territory26 May 2022 09:4009.3K
Hakim Bey25 May 2022 09:5654.4K
Martin Seligman23 May 2022 11:2085.1K
Taoism23 May 2022 11:2050.0K
free speech23 May 2022 10:4844.2K
Future Fossils/Weird Studies23 May 2022 10:4842.3K
Weird Studies/M John Harrison22 May 2022 07:3830.6K
Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism21 May 2022 07:3450.1K
Practical Cogitator21 May 2022 09:3940.4K
Church of the SubGenius20 May 2022 08:2422.5K
embobulator20 May 2022 07:4440.3K
haecceity16 May 2022 01:2641.6K
Weird Studies/John Carpenter16 May 2022 01:2330.3K
Weird Studies15 May 2022 08:1021.8K
Continental Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction15 May 2022 08:1053.2K
Future Fossils15 May 2022 08:0643.0K
@Entity resolution with markov logic15 May 2022 05:40100.8K
"rationality" vs "rationalism"14 May 2022 05:3742.2K
Understanding Computers and Cognition: A New Foundation for Design14 May 2022 05:3750.4K
Life: A User's Manual14 May 2022 05:3750.9K
LWMap/Agency: Introduction14 May 2022 05:3724.7K
Games: Agency as Art14 May 2022 05:3752.5K
Tufte: Seeing with Fresh Eyes14 May 2022 05:3654.8K
Cataloging the World: Paul Otlet and the Birth of the Information Age14 May 2022 05:36411.3K
2001: A Space Odyssey14 May 2022 05:3651.6K
Weird Studies/Tarot/The Star14 May 2022 03:5842.6K
multiverse14 May 2022 11:3662.5K
Robert Anton Wilson14 May 2022 10:4940.3K
Road To Unfreedom09 May 2022 11:2191.0K
About05 May 2022 04:5604.0K
anarchism04 May 2022 07:1867.7K
Computer Lib ∕ Dream Machines04 May 2022 01:2140.4K
neoreaction04 May 2022 08:3545.5K
Weird Studies/Bandwagon & Mandy30 Apr 2022 07:4030.2K
Richard Gabriel30 Apr 2022 01:2150.2K
Sloterdijk29 Apr 2022 09:3752.3K
The Dominion of the Dead28 Apr 2022 09:0950.4K
John Vervaeke28 Apr 2022 10:1072.7K
Lost Visions of the Information Age27 Apr 2022 12:1640.5K
Weird Studies/Hyperstition26 Apr 2022 05:2432.4K
hyperstition26 Apr 2022 05:2459.3K
Weird Studies/Pit and the Pyramid22 Apr 2022 05:1131.4K
Conceptual Animism22 Apr 2022 11:4585.1K
vitalism20 Apr 2022 09:3640.5K
Severance20 Apr 2022 08:4952.9K
Weird Studies/Holiday Bonus20 Apr 2022 08:4530.5K
Meditations on the Tarot/3 The Empress18 Apr 2022 10:5253.1K
Weird Studies/Lovecraft18 Apr 2022 07:3131.8K
metacognitive engineering17 Apr 2022 07:1567.1K
Weird Studies/Borges17 Apr 2022 07:1532.7K
Nihilism in Art17 Apr 2022 07:15617.4K
Meditations on the Tarot/2 The High Priestess17 Apr 2022 06:0051.0K
Weird Studies/Radical Mystery17 Apr 2022 10:2732.1K
Hyperchaos16 Apr 2022 07:5952.2K
speculative realism16 Apr 2022 07:2254.7K
Quentin Meillassoux16 Apr 2022 07:2250.0K
Weird Studies/Skepticism16 Apr 2022 11:0336.9K
Weird Studies/Tarot/The Empress16 Apr 2022 09:1742.8K
tedious fights with wingnuts14 Apr 2022 10:5351.6K
goddinpotty/name14 Apr 2022 10:2731.2K
Goddinpotty14 Apr 2022 10:2523.1K
Weird Studies/Naked Lunch14 Apr 2022 05:1531.8K
Bergson13 Apr 2022 07:29515.3K
visual programming12 Apr 2022 12:0580.1K
Artaud12 Apr 2022 11:5953.6K
gnosticism12 Apr 2022 11:2261.3K
Erik Davis12 Apr 2022 09:3242.7K
weird naturalism12 Apr 2022 09:3061.7K
DIck's writings on androids12 Apr 2022 09:1849.4K
Islamic Design11 Apr 2022 10:18110.1K
Crumb11 Apr 2022 10:1870.0K
writing10 Apr 2022 04:2652.0K
body without organs10 Apr 2022 04:2676.6K
Weird Studies/Mr Punch10 Apr 2022 04:2430.6K
Bedeviled09 Apr 2022 08:1650.5K
Debugging Yourself09 Apr 2022 04:51111.2K
Pushing and popping09 Apr 2022 11:43121.2K
MrFrieze/Screenshots08 Apr 2022 09:31120.8K
AboutBlock07 Apr 2022 12:0120.2K
Weird Studies/Nietzsche on History06 Apr 2022 06:2732.2K
The Earth is Flat04 Apr 2022 07:1055.2K
God in Search of Man, Abraham Joshua Heschel04 Apr 2022 02:1956.3K
The Outsider04 Apr 2022 08:3950.2K
JG Ballard31 Mar 2022 01:5750.8K
Weird Studies/Ballard & Leguin31 Mar 2022 01:5331.7K
anti-natalism29 Mar 2022 08:4550.3K
As if29 Mar 2022 08:4560.1K
schizophrenia25 Mar 2022 07:3940.9K
The Fly25 Mar 2022 05:3351.3K
Christopher Alexander25 Mar 2022 02:4156.7K
Weird Studies/Colin Wilson25 Mar 2022 12:3831.7K
Weird Studies/Michael Garfield24 Mar 2022 07:5333.2K
Firing up the Emotion Machine24 Mar 2022 07:2240.2K
Examining the Society of Mind22 Mar 2022 09:4550.9K
The Electric Anthill20 Mar 2022 07:2260.8K
Generative art/personal20 Mar 2022 05:4872.0K
MrFrieze20 Mar 2022 05:25113.5K
Gregory Bateson19 Mar 2022 03:1942.7K
Agency at the Media Lab19 Mar 2022 10:4225.9K
Vitalism/Mar 17th, 202217 Mar 2022 06:2252.9K
logseq/publish17 Mar 2022 06:2130.9K
Infinitely Demanding17 Mar 2022 09:1350.0K
Simon Critchley17 Mar 2022 09:0250.1K
Weird Studies/Jung on Art16 Mar 2022 04:2337.1K
Spieltrieb14 Mar 2022 03:5541.5K
Weird Studies/BW Powe on Visionary Literature09 Mar 2022 10:2931.0K
Book of the New Sun08 Mar 2022 04:4150.4K
goddinpotty/devlog08 Mar 2022 01:4531.3K
Weird Studies/Tarot/The Fool08 Mar 2022 01:1342.1K
Laws of Form08 Mar 2022 12:1350.9K
LWMap08 Mar 2022 08:3610.1K
Marvin Minsky/The Emotion Machine07 Mar 2022 11:3330.8K
Weird Studies/Glass Bead Game06 Mar 2022 09:1631.6K
Tarot06 Mar 2022 08:4340.3K
Weird Studies/Tarot06 Mar 2022 08:3630.0K
Voltron06 Mar 2022 02:4360.8K
purpose06 Mar 2022 01:4340.1K
teleology06 Mar 2022 01:4140.2K
algebraic06 Mar 2022 11:3161.0K
Ursula K. Le Guin06 Mar 2022 10:4050.8K
Weird Studies/Unabomber05 Mar 2022 02:2232.2K
Hexen Tarot Deck05 Mar 2022 01:4340.2K
cybernetics05 Mar 2022 01:4022.7K
Ægypt05 Mar 2022 11:3850.1K
Weird Studies/Mumbo Jumbo05 Mar 2022 11:1131.2K
Mastery of Non-Mastery in the Age of Meltdown04 Mar 2022 08:17512.4K
Michael Taussig03 Mar 2022 09:4251.1K
slack03 Mar 2022 09:1540.3K
goddinpotty/deployment03 Mar 2022 04:3730.3K
shame03 Mar 2022 04:1246.2K
Borges01 Mar 2022 01:3551.7K
Francisco Varela01 Mar 2022 12:46411.5K
About the Author27 Feb 2022 02:4321.5K
Malcolm X College27 Feb 2022 02:4052.5K
Weird Studies/Pattern Recognition27 Feb 2022 02:0932.1K
logseq/migration26 Feb 2022 09:3930.0K
Kevin Kelly26 Feb 2022 12:0251.6K
Whole Earth Catalog26 Feb 2022 11:5333.5K
Clojure/CLOS-like-ness25 Feb 2022 03:1550.6K
Deleuze25 Feb 2022 12:37515.0K
The Seventh Function of Language25 Feb 2022 12:3650.4K
living fictions25 Feb 2022 12:2755.9K
Lacan22 Feb 2022 11:4571.7K
relationship between cybernetics and psychoanalysis22 Feb 2022 11:43412.8K
The Empathy Diaries22 Feb 2022 11:4152.3K
Weird Studies/Blade Runner22 Feb 2022 08:0933.1K
egregores20 Feb 2022 02:2640.0K
autopoesis20 Feb 2022 01:1560.6K
Spinoza19 Feb 2022 03:1460.1K
The Selfish Gene17 Feb 2022 08:4051.1K
Philip K Dick16 Feb 2022 05:3451.9K
Weird Studies/Introduction16 Feb 2022 01:3030.5K
A Case for Irony14 Feb 2022 06:2541.8K
Platform for Change, Stafford Beer13 Feb 2022 08:4242.1K
Project Cybersyn13 Feb 2022 08:4265.5K
Stafford Beer13 Feb 2022 08:4151.1K
2021 Year-end review13 Feb 2022 08:3457.5K
Occupied13 Feb 2022 06:0661.0K
eigenselves13 Feb 2022 03:5840.4K
Internal Family Systems13 Feb 2022 03:4660.9K
William Blake13 Feb 2022 09:5044.9K
The Ministry for the Future13 Feb 2022 08:56410.6K
Fearful Symmetry12 Feb 2022 06:4153.1K
Shmagency12 Feb 2022 03:0462.4K
polarization12 Feb 2022 02:0571.5K
against dualism07 Feb 2022 10:50110.6K
fascism07 Feb 2022 09:5340.7K
Good Old-fashioned Liberal Individualism07 Feb 2022 09:5162.1K
LWMap/Varieties of Argumentation Experience07 Feb 2022 09:5028.2K
How to think about Nazis07 Feb 2022 09:5055.5K
The Trial of the Chicago 707 Feb 2022 09:5047.9K
libertarianism07 Feb 2022 09:5042.7K
Black Earth, Timothy Snyder07 Feb 2022 09:4560.6K
Politics and Pragmatism in Scientific Ontology Construction06 Feb 2022 06:1047.0K
Alan Kay06 Feb 2022 06:0424.1K
Orality and Literacy06 Feb 2022 06:0256.1K
goddinpotty/DONE04 Feb 2022 08:1633.8K
Weird Studies/Brian Eno04 Feb 2022 05:5031.3K
mono no aware04 Feb 2022 04:1060.3K
Weird Studies/Charles Taylor and Disenchantment01 Feb 2022 02:5031.8K
alternative currency01 Feb 2022 02:5080.8K
Ted Nelson29 Jan 2022 07:1524.1K
SneerClub29 Jan 2022 07:0644.0K
Simondon29 Jan 2022 03:4651.3K
goddinpotty/user-guide29 Jan 2022 03:4630.6K
critical realism29 Jan 2022 03:4680.9K
Gaia Hypothesis29 Jan 2022 03:4651.9K
goddinpotty tutorial29 Jan 2022 03:4643.7K
Maps in goddinpotty29 Jan 2022 03:4672.5K
Critical Code Studies26 Jan 2022 10:5551.5K
dissertation26 Jan 2022 10:3022.2K
Alan Moore22 Jan 2022 08:0153.5K
parts work21 Jan 2022 08:4580.3K
Hegel08 Jan 2022 09:4262.2K
Meditations on Meditations on Moloch07 Jan 2022 09:09215.6K
Pema Chodron07 Jan 2022 06:2480.0K
Jon Mills07 Jan 2022 05:21818.6K
Discordianism07 Jan 2022 09:4762.2K
nonduality06 Jan 2022 09:2970.4K
Joseph Goguen06 Jan 2022 07:0261.0K
Bruno Latour06 Jan 2022 07:0047.3K
Shantideva06 Jan 2022 06:5861.1K
William Burroughs06 Jan 2022 06:4141.0K
This is your mind on plants, Pollan06 Jan 2022 04:3352.1K
Hofstadter’s __Gödel, Escher, Bach__06 Jan 2022 02:0881.0K
embodiment05 Jan 2022 07:4140.5K
MUE04 Jan 2022 07:4250.5K
Liquid Democracy04 Jan 2022 06:4190.7K
Yossarian and belief04 Jan 2022 06:0243.3K
LWMap/Coherence Arguments Do Not Imply Goal Directed Behavior04 Jan 2022 05:4222.5K
PLATO04 Jan 2022 05:2060.2K
anti-purpose04 Jan 2022 04:5639.9K
Stoicism04 Jan 2022 01:3662.5K
__How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)__03 Jan 2022 10:4150.6K
ideafile 200703 Jan 2022 07:491010.6K
torture02 Jan 2022 08:3740.9K
Out of Control01 Jan 2022 07:4851.5K
Erving Goffman01 Jan 2022 07:4850.1K
Awkwardness01 Jan 2022 07:4850.3K
Urizen01 Jan 2022 07:4842.0K
Ribbonfarm01 Jan 2022 07:4840.5K
Procedural knowledge in molecular biology01 Jan 2022 07:4871.8K
Nihilism and Agency01 Jan 2022 07:4863.3K
Phil Agre01 Jan 2022 07:4841.6K
Operators and Things01 Jan 2022 07:4851.2K
The Experience of Nothingness01 Jan 2022 07:4850.9K
EM Cioran01 Jan 2022 07:4853.7K
John McCarthy01 Jan 2022 07:4860.1K
Computer Power and Human Reason01 Jan 2022 07:4853.1K
end-user programming01 Jan 2022 07:4861.3K
Gui Bonsiepe01 Jan 2022 07:4871.0K
William Gibson01 Jan 2022 07:4830.9K
Cybernetic Revolutionaries01 Jan 2022 07:4850.5K
historian01 Jan 2022 07:4860.8K
Parker Institute01 Jan 2022 07:4860.2K
Telling the American Story01 Jan 2022 07:4852.6K
paperclip maximizer01 Jan 2022 07:4841.6K
Rationality and the Structure of the Self01 Jan 2022 07:4872.5K
constructionism01 Jan 2022 07:4840.7K
axiology01 Jan 2022 07:4890.1K
Media Science01 Jan 2022 07:4823.8K
All Things Shining01 Jan 2022 07:4851.1K
book01 Jan 2022 07:4830.1K
Nietzsche01 Jan 2022 07:4840.5K
virtue signalling01 Jan 2022 07:4872.7K
Zettelkasten01 Jan 2022 07:4860.1K
Athens01 Jan 2022 07:4840.2K
methodological individualism01 Jan 2022 07:4850.1K
Talmudic Notetaking01 Jan 2022 07:4841.5K
Further reading01 Jan 2022 07:4840.2K
Illuminatus!01 Jan 2022 07:4850.2K
Marx01 Jan 2022 07:4862.3K
hack01 Jan 2022 07:4842.4K
AI risk ≡ capitalism01 Jan 2022 07:4843.5K
stance/meaningness01 Jan 2022 07:4857.3K
Vega01 Jan 2022 07:4861.0K
Accelerationism01 Jan 2022 07:4852.1K
quantum suicide01 Jan 2022 07:4880.8K
You Must Change Your Life01 Jan 2022 07:4852.9K
AI Risk01 Jan 2022 07:4853.0K
monotheism01 Jan 2022 07:4862.5K
anatman01 Jan 2022 07:4860.2K
Disenchantment01 Jan 2022 07:4851.3K
Labor and Embodiment01 Jan 2022 07:4872.7K
George Ainslie01 Jan 2022 07:4841.6K
For Memorial Day01 Jan 2022 07:4842.7K
agential realism01 Jan 2022 07:4851.2K
Existentialism01 Jan 2022 07:4862.3K
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Global Standards for Knowledge Representation01 Jan 2022 07:4872.2K
Aliveness01 Jan 2022 07:4860.7K
naturalist agency01 Jan 2022 07:4852.0K
Imagos Inc01 Jan 2022 07:4872.9K
Infinite Jest01 Jan 2022 07:4841.5K
extended brain01 Jan 2022 07:4870.1K
gradgrindism01 Jan 2022 07:4842.0K
Accursed Ipsissimosity01 Jan 2022 07:4848.2K
Joel Kovel01 Jan 2022 07:4862.2K
addiction01 Jan 2022 07:4840.6K
knowledge visualization01 Jan 2022 07:4860.9K
Learning to Live, Luc Ferry01 Jan 2022 07:4890.5K
Deep Play01 Jan 2022 07:4851.9K
agential refactoring01 Jan 2022 07:4840.4K
Long Now01 Jan 2022 07:4862.1K
Vivarium (2019)01 Jan 2022 07:4865.4K
powerful abstraction01 Jan 2022 07:4851.5K
Evan Thompson01 Jan 2022 07:4850.9K
The Dispossessed01 Jan 2022 07:4851.6K
Explaining Hitler01 Jan 2022 07:4851.0K
I Am You01 Jan 2022 07:4850.4K
Cyc01 Jan 2022 07:4861.5K
Pacifica Police Incidents01 Jan 2022 07:4862.4K
Demeney Voting01 Jan 2022 07:4891.6K
SICP01 Jan 2022 07:4821.6K
Thoughts Without a Thinker01 Jan 2022 07:4852.3K
willpower01 Jan 2022 07:4820.5K
group agency01 Jan 2022 07:4857.4K
The Enigma of Reason01 Jan 2022 07:4841.2K
refactoring01 Jan 2022 07:4880.4K
roam/js01 Jan 2022 07:4831.6K
literacy01 Jan 2022 07:4880.8K
Sherry Turkle01 Jan 2022 07:4852.4K
'Pataphysics01 Jan 2022 07:4853.3K
BioBike VPL01 Jan 2022 07:4860.7K
Emacs01 Jan 2022 07:4850.1K
What Technology Wants01 Jan 2022 07:4840.5K
Don Delillo01 Jan 2022 07:4850.9K
cryptocurrencies01 Jan 2022 07:4870.7K
representational objectivism01 Jan 2022 07:4840.4K
Burning Man01 Jan 2022 07:4861.8K
RD Laing01 Jan 2022 07:4856.4K
Karl Popper01 Jan 2022 07:4861.7K
Spinoza, Ethics01 Jan 2022 07:4850.1K
eternalism01 Jan 2022 07:4860.3K
ritual01 Jan 2022 07:4840.2K
software design01 Jan 2022 07:4860.3K
imago01 Jan 2022 07:4873.4K
dumbbell theory01 Jan 2022 07:4842.8K
Lumo01 Jan 2022 07:4860.4K
equality and hierarchy01 Jan 2022 07:4861.8K
Marvin Minsky/Inventive Minds01 Jan 2022 07:4821.8K
hypertext tools and practices01 Jan 2022 07:4841.5K
Engineers of Human Souls01 Jan 2022 07:4853.5K
Erlebnis01 Jan 2022 07:4860.7K
LWMap/The Rocket Alignment Problem01 Jan 2022 07:4826.5K
Freud01 Jan 2022 07:4842.4K
Homage to New York01 Jan 2022 07:4890.9K
Denial of Death01 Jan 2022 07:4850.8K
corporate personhood01 Jan 2022 07:4860.1K
White Noise01 Jan 2022 07:4849.1K
mimesis01 Jan 2022 07:4861.8K
Doug Engelbart01 Jan 2022 07:4840.4K
SlateStarCodex01 Jan 2022 07:4841.6K
social construction01 Jan 2022 07:4852.1K
LiveWorld01 Jan 2022 07:4840.7K
Clojure01 Jan 2022 07:4840.7K
Carl Schmitt01 Jan 2022 07:4851.1K
computational constitution01 Jan 2022 07:4866.6K
James Carse01 Jan 2022 07:4850.1K
Edith Ackermann01 Jan 2022 07:4844.9K
Distraction01 Jan 2022 07:4851.2K
VTR on Society of Mind01 Jan 2022 07:4842.0K
Occult Features of Anarchism01 Jan 2022 07:4850.1K
LWMap/Naming the Nameless01 Jan 2022 07:4827.4K
Nihil Unbound01 Jan 2022 07:4859.2K
Marxist theories of agency01 Jan 2022 07:4870.1K
swarming01 Jan 2022 07:4870.6K
Enflame01 Jan 2022 07:4860.7K
Death, Nothingness, Subjectivity01 Jan 2022 07:4858.1K
Obstinancy01 Jan 2022 07:4852.6K
situated action01 Jan 2022 07:4841.4K
David Graeber01 Jan 2022 07:4851.5K
Lauren Berlant01 Jan 2022 07:4894.0K
Be Slightly Evil01 Jan 2022 07:4850.4K
design01 Jan 2022 07:4850.4K
reductionism01 Jan 2022 07:4872.7K
conspiracy theory01 Jan 2022 07:4844.5K
Roger Penrose01 Jan 2022 07:4852.1K
procedural thinking01 Jan 2022 07:4852.4K
Wilfred Sellars01 Jan 2022 07:4840.4K
structuralism01 Jan 2022 07:4860.3K
4E cognition01 Jan 2022 07:4840.7K
IAnnotate Conference01 Jan 2022 07:48510.3K
The Limits Of Control01 Jan 2022 07:48512.3K
occult01 Jan 2022 07:4841.1K
Introduction to Inventive Minds01 Jan 2022 07:48019.3K
Sisyphus01 Jan 2022 07:4860.1K
winning01 Jan 2022 07:4842.2K
conceptual museum01 Jan 2022 07:4870.9K
Rationalism01 Jan 2022 07:48211.8K
Vivarium Project01 Jan 2022 07:4843.8K
Infrastructure of intention01 Jan 2022 07:4852.9K
imperturbability01 Jan 2022 07:4861.2K
Korsgaard01 Jan 2022 07:4844.7K
Ethnomethodology01 Jan 2022 07:4860.9K
LWMap/Explaining Insight Meditation and Enlightenment in Non-Mysterious Terms01 Jan 2022 07:4827.7K
authority01 Jan 2022 07:4861.6K
virtual reality01 Jan 2022 07:4870.2K
Complice01 Jan 2022 07:4860.7K
authoritarianism01 Jan 2022 07:4881.1K
The purpose of second-order cybernetics, Glanville01 Jan 2022 07:4844.0K
narrative01 Jan 2022 07:4840.1K
consent01 Jan 2022 07:4843.0K
reaper01 Jan 2022 07:4861.3K
neovitalism01 Jan 2022 07:4844.5K
nebulosity01 Jan 2022 07:4844.7K
Homo Ludens01 Jan 2022 07:4844.4K
A Visual Representation for Knowledge Structures01 Jan 2022 07:4880.3K
Bruce Sterling01 Jan 2022 07:4850.4K
Allen Ginsberg01 Jan 2022 07:4840.1K
Augmentation unconference01 Jan 2022 07:4865.3K
Buddhism01 Jan 2022 07:4843.9K
metapsychology01 Jan 2022 07:4863.2K
David Foster Wallace01 Jan 2022 07:4860.8K
Your Reason and Blake's System01 Jan 2022 07:4850.3K
wabi-sabi01 Jan 2022 07:4860.0K
SmartTables01 Jan 2022 07:4851.3K
Making of a Counter-Culture01 Jan 2022 07:4842.8K
Livia Polanyi01 Jan 2022 07:4851.4K
digital garden01 Jan 2022 07:4874.8K
rubberducking01 Jan 2022 07:4861.1K
actor network01 Jan 2022 07:4853.2K
Stewart Brand01 Jan 2022 07:4842.5K
Brainworks01 Jan 2022 07:4850.5K
The Flip, Jeffrey Kripal01 Jan 2022 07:4844.1K
Play as a Cognitive Primitive01 Jan 2022 07:48515.8K
idea01 Jan 2022 07:4850.2K
JCR Licklider01 Jan 2022 07:4860.3K
Laying Down a Forking Path01 Jan 2022 07:4871.3K
bird's eye view vs. frog's eye view01 Jan 2022 07:4841.3K
Counterpart01 Jan 2022 07:4861.2K
Codex OS01 Jan 2022 07:4840.8K
Agar01 Jan 2022 07:4851.8K
antipolitics01 Jan 2022 07:4824.4K
Blockoid01 Jan 2022 07:4860.5K
Coen brothers01 Jan 2022 07:4861.8K
Vaguely01 Jan 2022 07:4861.4K
LWMap/Embedded Agency01 Jan 2022 07:4826.0K
Nick Land01 Jan 2022 07:4860.7K
May Day01 Jan 2022 07:4802.7K
re-enchantment01 Jan 2022 07:4841.9K
illegibility01 Jan 2022 07:4841.7K
influence01 Jan 2022 07:4840.2K
Paste Markdown Link01 Jan 2022 07:4842.4K
Purposive Explanation in Psychology01 Jan 2022 07:4850.8K
memoization01 Jan 2022 07:4860.4K
Pyrrho01 Jan 2022 07:4860.6K
Lines of Thought01 Jan 2022 07:4841.4K
The Trap, Adam Curtis documentary01 Jan 2022 07:4862.0K
Overstory01 Jan 2022 07:4850.3K
postrationalism01 Jan 2022 07:4820.9K
anarchy-list01 Jan 2022 07:48610.5K
Meaningness, Nihilism, and Me01 Jan 2022 07:4864.9K
Thomas Pynchon01 Jan 2022 07:4850.6K
intentional programming01 Jan 2022 07:4851.2K
Mimesis and Alterity01 Jan 2022 07:4871.7K
animism01 Jan 2022 07:4847.1K
A Memory Called Empire01 Jan 2022 07:4853.1K
Patterns of Refactored Agency01 Jan 2022 07:48536.6K
LWMap/Meta-honesty01 Jan 2022 07:4823.7K
Voting01 Jan 2022 07:4873.3K
Rowan, Subpersonalities01 Jan 2022 07:2870.1K
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