25 Jul 2022 04:08 - 22 Aug 2022 08:32
Open in Logseq
    • What it is

      • A tool to let people migrate away from Roam into one of the other similar personal knowledge management systems that do basically the same thing without charging ridiculous montly fees.
      • To be specific: you give it a Roam EDN export file, and it will generate a Logseq repository containing your content as Markdown files and image assets. You can then delete your Roam graph.
      • Logseq can import Roam dumps directly, but RoamAway does a more throrough job:
        • Imports images from Roam cloud
        • Preserves headings
        • Detects and sort-of resolves case folding conflicts
      • Tested so far on Logseq but should work with similar PKMs like Obsidian, Athens, and others.
      • Internally, this is some code from Goddinpotty packaged up with its own workflow and UI. A hack !
    • Rationale

      • I migrated away from Roam because the company treated me poorly when I was a customer of theirs. So this is partly spiteware . Other people want to leave for different reasons; the expense of Roam is one, the necessity of trusting your private thoughts to some random cloud company is another.
    • Support

      • If you use this tool to escape from Roam, consider donating $15 or more to support the project. Pays for itself in a month!
    • TODOs

      • Needs a spinner or some indication it's working after you hit Convert button
      • Also not clear how new logging machinery interacts with Java UI