Temporary Autonomous Zone

25 Jun 2022 11:31 - 09 Jul 2022 08:50
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    • I think it's a mistake to take Hakim Bey too literally. They say Burning Man is a TAZ, and far be it from me to say otherwise, but it's not one which does me much good. Burning Man is hard to get to, and while it might have been pure anarchy in its early days, it has become unavoidably institutionalized, a place of rules and regularities.
    • Nothing wrong with that per se, in fact the institutional mechanics of soemthing like BM are quite interesting and astonishing and worthy of study. But it doesn't seem very TAZzy. That's OK, nothing can stay that way forever, why do you think it has "Temporary" in its name?
    • The true TAZ is a state of mind that is accessible anywhere. Like the kingdom of heaven, it is found within.