The Electric Anthill

09 Jan 2022 05:34 - 29 Dec 2023 06:23
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    • The Electric Anthill was an exhibit I built for the SIGGRAPH Art Show in 1989, based on the software I was working on at the time for my MS thesis, Agar. It was interactive, which was not that common at that time and place. It had a screen with ome artificial ants. You could drop food with the mouse and they would find it and make navigation trails for the colony. Seems kind of trivial now, but I guess it was interesting at the time.
    • I did this as kind of a hack, I thought it would be a goof to have my software running in an art exhibit. Since then I've come to have a lot of respect for actual artists, who have actual artistic goals they are pursuing. I'm not sure if I did.
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    • From Leonardo Supplemental Issue 1989, Computer Art In Context
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