Debugging Yourself

09 Apr 2022 11:06 - 16 Dec 2022 12:22
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    • Idea for a self-help book using CS concepts. Surely someone has done this, like the Rationalists should be all over this. But no, amazingly, there is no book with this title! That's weird, I would have guessed it would be a whole small genre by now.
    • I almost feel obligated to write it just to cash in on this discovery! Unfortunately I cannot imagine myself as a guru figure of any kind, I just don't have that in me.
    • Still being familiar with some basic computational concepts and being able to apply them to life situations is a bit of a minor superpower. Some that come to mind
      • Binary Search
      • Deadlocks
      • Protocols
        • Hm ok, here's a case where the computational version is a very direct metaphor from human interaction, so what does it mean to apply that metaphor backwards? It means that human interaction begins with a process of protocol negotiation, as the parties involved figure out the nature of the conversation, its rules.
      • OK, there are too many to list, because all of these formalisms have a ground in something human. Mostly.
    • Meditation as sort of a basic meta-skill. Learning to observe your own processes.
    • Society of Mind as a mode of self-knowledge
    • Freud