Pushing and popping

09 Apr 2022 11:01 - 16 Dec 2022 12:22
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    • Idea for a self-help book, or maybe chapter of a more general one on Debugging Yourself
      • being familiar with cs concepts and applying it to situations is a bit of a minor superpower, something that can be learned....
    • Assume familiarity of the concept of a stack and its operation, if not...
    • I guess everyone knows about back buttons, which essentially perform a pop. Everything else does a push.
    • It's weird that this universal UI doesn't support branching and exploration like, at all. Why is there no tree-like record of your explorations that you can re-navigate (there are tools that do this for web browsing, but its a more general concept).
    • Yeah OK, I want this: a zero-impact plugin that just tracks the tree structure of my web browsing and will show it to me (and let me go back in it obviously). Surely this must exist.
      • I would think there are dozens of these though, such an obvious thing.