No Country for Old Men

30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 15 Sep 2023 01:45
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    • I'm haunted by this scene towards the end of this fantastic movie, one of very few I can think of to discuss agency and causality explicitly:
    • Carla Jean: the coin don't have no say – it's just you. Chigurh: I got here the same way the coin did.
    • The enigmatic figure of Chigurh in this movie not only represents the forces of death, he consciously makes himself into a servant of the inhuman and uncaring processes of the physical universe, in its randomness and meaninglessness. He's something of an anti-agent.
    • WTF Woody Harrelson's father assassinated a judge? And that is referenced in the movie? Mind blown.
    • Sep 13th, 2023 finally got around to reading the book, discussed at Cormac McCarthy. The movie was extremely faithful to the book, but book Chigurh is even more explicit about his theory of agency.