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from 2021 Year-end review
from 2021 Year-end review
  • Rewatched Barton Fink, Blood Simple, and various other Coen brothers movies
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  • The Coen brothers have a very obvious nihilistic streak and it sometimes gets directly incarnated in their films (eg Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men or the tornado that appears at the end of A Serious Man – cinematic depictions of the universe's pitiless and antihuman forces of destruction). And of course there are actual literal nihilists in The Big Lebowski, as well as the greatest commentary on nihilism of all time.
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    • nihilism is a common presence in Coen bros movies – implicitly and occasionally explicitly, sometimes defining the mood of the film and sometimes as a sort of comedic or antagonistic presence.
      • A Serious Man (very explicit)
      • Barton Fink
      • No Country for Old Men (Chigurh as a representation of the force of nihilism – "I got here the same way the coin did".)
      • The Big Lebowski (even more explicit – one of the antagonists is a gang of actual nihilists), and it produces one of the greatest lines in movie history.
      • Fargo (after a bleak comedy of nihilistic violence, the Frances McDormund character puts it all in its place – although she also says she doesn't understand it)
      • Burn After Reading
      • Hudsucker Proxy
      • Raising Arizona (the vision of the biker)