The Highway

27 Oct 2023 11:43 - 28 Oct 2023 08:03
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    • I'm thinking of a passage in Trungpa's Meditation in Action where he talks about life as a highway, the one highway we are travelling on, constantly being tempted by promising off-ramps, but if we take them, we haven't really escaped, we are still on our road, the one that we actually travel.
    • Almost the same metaphor in ZMBM except there it is a train on train tracks. Rather different metaphorical implications! On a train, you know you are on a fixed route, the temptations of the highway are not even a possibility so less of a problem.
    • There seem to be so many sidetracks in relating to our life-situations, sidetracks of all kinds by which we are seduced: "Food, gas, lodging, next exit." We are always promised something if we turn right at the next exit as we travel down our highway. There are so many colorful advertisements. We never want to be just where and what we are; we always want to be somewhere else. We can always turn right at the next exit, even though we really know we are stuck on our highway anyway, that we really have no choice about it. Where we are is embarrassing, and so we would like to hear somebody say that there is an alternative whereby we do not have to be ashamed of ourselves...Buddhism promises nothing. It teaches us to be what we are where we are, constantly, and it teachers us to relate to our living situations accordingly.
      • - p92, The Eightfold Path