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from hyperstition
  • From Nick Land's Wikipedia entry:
    • One of Land's celebrated concepts is "hyperstition," a portmanteau of "superstition" and "hyper" that describes the action of successful ideas in the arena of culture. Hyperstitions are ideas that, once "downloaded" into the cultural mainframe, engender apocalyptic positive feedback cycles. Hyperstitions – by their very existence as ideas – function causally to bring about their own reality. Nick Land describes hyperstition as "the experimental (techno-)science of self-fulfilling prophecies".
from orthogonality thesis
  • Always a bit disturbing to find myself on the same side as Nick Land.
from Accelerationism
  • An ideology out of the Nick Land / CCRU universe, which (insofar as I understand it, which isn't much) acknowledges the equation of AI and capitalism, but scoffs at the attempts to somehow hold back the impending changes.
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Nick Land

08 Mar 2021 09:21 - 01 Jan 2022 07:48

    • Land's writings are:
    • variously described as 'rabid nihilism', 'mad black Deleuzianism', ' Accelerationism ', and 'cy­bergothic'.
      • That's from his own jacket blurb.
    • He's later become a neoreactionary which made him seem much less interesting to me