30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • An ideology out of the Nick Land / CCRU universe, which (insofar as I understand it, which isn't much) acknowledges the equation of AI and capitalism, but scoffs at the attempts to somehow hold back the impending changes.
    • There’s only really been one question, to be honest, that has guided everything I’ve been interested in for the last twenty years, which is: the teleological identity of capitalism and artificial intelligence. I’ve tried arguing about this in very different spaces, and with very different people, and it obviously produces a lot of stimulating friction, wherever you do it – but it’s a sort of fundamental thesis that’s becoming more and more persuasive to me.
      • He cites Kevin Kelly's Out of Control, interestingly. I never connected those two thinkers because the vibe is so different, but I guess it's obvious.
    • From That's So Default — Capturing Gnon
      • Gnon, the reversed acronym of Nature or Nature’s God, is the quasi-anthropomorphic reification of the natural law and teleology of our universe, whether supernatural or emergent. Gnon tends (“tends” being the important operative word in teleology) overall to favor forms most able to optimize for their own continued existence and spread, and of course to favor the universal tendency to entropy. Or rather, these things tend to happen for the usual reasons, and we name that tendency “Gnon”. **The study of Gnon is to the highest level of abstraction (teleology)** as the study of physics is to the lowest level of abstraction (mechanistic physical law).