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from Accelerationism
  • He cites Kevin Kelly's Out of Control, interestingly. I never connected those two thinkers because the vibe is so different, but I guess it's obvious.
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Out of Control

19 Feb 2021 03:35 - 01 Jan 2022 07:48

    • book by Kevin Kelly about autonomous life machines (his later book What Technology Wants has similar themes). I find these works somewhat irritating and I'm not sure why; probably because they are facile pop treatments of the same themes I'm interested in.
    • Here are the bullet points from his last chapter, the portentiously-titled Nine Laws of God:
      • Distribute being
      • Control from the bottom up
      • Cultivate increasing returns
      • Grow by chunking
      • Maximize the fringes
      • Honor your errors
      • Pursue no optima; have multiple goals
      • Seek persistent disequilibrium
      • Change changes itself.