16 Jan 2022 01:52 - 16 Dec 2022 12:22
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    • At the polar opposite to the intellectual approaches discussed so far, we find for example thinkers in the lineage of French philosopher Gilbert Simondon, whose understanding of the essence of technology fundamentally challenges the distinction between ‘matter’ and ‘form’. In his texts Du mode d’existence des objets techniques and individuation psychique et collective, Simondon presents technology essentially as a function lying at the core of what he calls the process of ‘individuation’. According to Simondon, a thing (any thing, from a crystal to a single person to large social groups) is never stably individuated as ‘that’ thing, but it is in a continuous process of actualization of its original, overflowing potential...As such, technology is both a network of relations, and the very process of defining individuals. On the basis of this notion of technology and of individuation, Simondon claims that we should overcome the traditional opposition between culture and technology (as exemplified for example by Heidegger), in favour of a more holistic conception of the two fields as fundamentally interdependent.