2001: Hal's Legacy

22 Oct 2023 09:56 - 18 Dec 2023 10:13
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    • A documentary and book that asks the question, how does the real 2001 compared to fictional 2001: A Space Odyssey
    • Arthur Clarke with his boiler suit and cat looks like a model for Dr. Evil. Minsky comes in around 8:00. Doug Lenat around 33:00
    • Rod Brooks around 38:00 - problem with Hal is he didn't have a body (see situated action ). Dennett shows up, good line about Cog – there's nobody home, but some of the furniture is being moved in.
    • From Kismet, this looks like the sort of things I did in grad school like Agar image.png
    • image.png
    • The book

      • Good Minsky quote: "Connectionists take pride in not understanding how a network solves a problem."