Apr 22 continued

23 Apr 2023 12:54 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • Damn this Logseq thing kind of sucks, so buggy I have to do this. Oh well.
    • Pigpen going on about how "This is a Man's World". Went to the original James Brown version. Never noticed the lyrics about "man made the electric light" before.
    • OK it's 2, 4 hours in, I'm kind of tired...
    • Absorbed some food: microwaved Safeway soup. Sounds bad, but actually completely fine in the context of reality. I know, it's not like peak experience hippie vegetables. Which, by the way, we have. Mm, having some. Delcious and free from the stench of moralizing which Linda brings (not her fault, its something I do just as much)
    • Sad that we have our separate lives, but it is what it is.
    • OK, so what is the Answer to Job? God was such a dick he has to incarnate and offer himself as a sacrificial death, to become human. And then at the End Times antichrist comes...
    • Reading the intro to Jodorowsky's Tarot book, my god what a life. Doesn't matter if it really happened that way or not, I suppose.
    • Looked at some Woodring, and that Michael Benson Cosmigraphics book (always a bit strange for me since my mapping of "Michael Benson" is to a different person who I really hate even though he's dead, my earliest betrayal).
      • He had a piece on Laibach which I remembered came up on WS...can't link it, it starts
        • HOW SLOVENIAN IS IT? by Michael Benson LAIBACH USED TO BE A FORCE to reckon with. To begin with, the band–if you can call this ensemble of sophisticated politico-cultural provocateurs simply a “band”–were the only group from the socialist world ever to make it in the West, signing a long-term recording contract with London’s prestigious indie label Mute Records (home to Moby, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode), and they did it entirely on their own terms. “Art and ideology don’t exclude each other,” was one of their earliest slogans, but I prefer another: “All art is subject to political manipulation except that which speaks the language of the same manipulation.”
      • OK too fascist for me right now, although OK, it's a pose, a comment, not the real thing.
    • Someone on WS asking for death, someone else recommended Thurman's translation of the Bardo Thodol. God am I random. Well it's what you would expect.
    • Death is nothing except to the ego.
    • Linda back home around 6, not a bad thing, will save me from being completely up my own asshole.
    • Watched Crimes of the Future (bad choice for Linda, had to stop after first big gory scene) and then Ms Davis which also was a flop for L, although I am wondering if it has something. Oh well.