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"rationality" vs "rationalism"16 Dec 2022 12:2242.2K
'Pataphysics23 Jan 2024 03:1244.4K
@Against Narrativity21 Jul 2023 09:4567.7K
@Engineering the scientific corpus: routine semantic work in (re)constructing a biological ontology02 Oct 2022 05:2180.8K
@Heidegger on the Connection Between Nihilism, Art, Technology, and Politics19 Jun 2023 10:1370.6K
@On the origins of cognitive science: the mechanization of the mind17 Jun 2023 08:2990.9K
@Patterns of Software Tales from the Software Community28 Aug 2022 08:5160.5K
@Self-consciousness, self-agency, and schizophrenia17 Jun 2023 08:2975.5K
@The Child as Hacker28 Aug 2022 08:5961.4K
@The Universe of Things17 Jun 2023 08:2990.4K
@Writing and Representation17 Dec 2023 11:2763.7K
A Case for Irony16 Dec 2022 12:2241.8K
A consumer's guide to the foundations of reality13 Nov 2023 07:0550.2K
A Memory Called Empire17 Jun 2023 08:2963.1K
A Visual Representation for Knowledge Structures23 Jun 2023 02:0970.4K
abduction09 Dec 2022 09:5360.6K
About28 Dec 2023 11:4004.2K
About the Author16 Dec 2022 12:2221.5K
AboutBlock17 Jun 2023 08:2920.2K
Accelerationism17 Jun 2023 08:2942.4K
Accidental Agents29 Apr 2024 09:4881.0K
Accursed Ipsissimosity02 Oct 2023 01:1648.2K
Acid Horizon/David Bentley Hart, We Are Not Software17 Jun 2023 08:2946.5K
actor network17 Jun 2023 08:2953.2K
Acéphale21 Jul 2023 09:4580.2K
ad hominem13 Nov 2022 08:2441.4K
addiction16 Dec 2022 12:2240.6K
against dualism17 Jun 2023 08:2960.6K
Against Narrativity03 Oct 2022 10:1360.2K
Agar02 Oct 2022 05:0942.1K
agency15 Oct 2022 04:5325.1K
Agency at the Media Lab17 Jun 2023 08:2926.0K
Agency Made Me Do It11 Oct 2023 07:5706.9K
Agency: notes and references21 Jan 2024 11:51416.1K
agent-based programming17 Jun 2023 08:2950.3K
agential realism02 Dec 2023 11:4152.4K
agential refactoring14 Dec 2022 03:1940.6K
agentlike15 Sep 2022 09:0620.3K
Agnes Callard13 Nov 2023 07:0565.3K
AI Learning17 Jun 2023 08:29112.5K
AI Risk17 Jun 2023 08:2933.2K
AI risk ≡ capitalism04 Dec 2023 07:5344.9K
Alan Kay19 Jun 2023 08:5224.0K
Alan Moore15 Aug 2023 11:1055.9K
Alan Moore/on anarchism17 Jun 2023 08:2962.8K
alchemical marriage12 Aug 2023 12:3971.8K
Alexandra David-Neel22 Feb 2024 09:2070.0K
algebraic!17 Jun 2023 08:2961.2K
Alien Phenomenology17 Jun 2023 08:2962.7K
alignment17 Jun 2023 08:2941.6K
Aliveness16 Dec 2022 12:2260.7K
All Things Shining16 Dec 2022 12:2251.1K
Allen Ginsberg16 Dec 2022 12:2240.1K
alpha ontologist07 Oct 2023 07:1263.1K
alternative currency17 Jun 2023 08:2960.8K
Alzabo29 Dec 2023 10:4340.4K
AMMDI/An Apology04 Jul 2022 10:0311.1K
amor fati16 Dec 2022 12:2263.9K
anarchism08 Sep 2023 06:5746.7K
anarchy-list21 Jul 2023 09:45610.7K
animism17 Jun 2023 08:2947.3K
animist computer science17 Jun 2023 08:2960.3K
Anitya17 Jun 2023 08:2960.7K
Anne Herbert10 Jul 2022 10:4250.9K
Answer to Job17 Jun 2023 01:5645.2K
anthropic30 Jul 2023 04:3570.9K
anthropic selection16 Dec 2022 12:2260.6K
anthropomorphic user interfaces13 Sep 2022 11:3381.9K
anthropotechnics17 Jun 2023 08:2960.4K
anti-natalism16 Dec 2022 12:2240.3K
anti-purpose10 Feb 2024 11:11312.2K
antifoundationalism29 Nov 2022 08:1250.3K
antiphilosophy17 Jun 2023 08:2942.9K
antipolitics17 Jun 2023 08:2944.7K
AOC01 Jan 2024 09:1360.5K
AOC/Day 1627 Dec 2023 11:1870.1K
AOC/Day1327 Dec 2023 11:1871.1K
API theory17 Jun 2023 08:2980.5K
Apr 22 continued17 Jun 2023 08:2962.5K
Artaud17 Jun 2023 08:2953.6K
As if16 Dec 2022 12:2250.1K
Aspiration: The Agency of Becoming17 Jun 2023 08:2964.9K
At the Existentialist Cafe18 Jan 2024 01:1261.2K
atheism31 May 2022 07:5641.9K
athens16 Dec 2022 12:2240.2K
attention mechanisms17 Jun 2023 08:29120.4K
Auden17 Jun 2023 08:2960.5K
Augmentation unconference16 Dec 2022 12:2265.3K
authoritarianism16 Dec 2022 12:2281.1K
authority17 Jun 2023 08:2963.7K
autistic26 Aug 2022 09:2240.6K
autopoesis16 Dec 2022 12:2260.6K
Awkwardness22 Oct 2023 07:2760.9K
axiology16 Dec 2022 12:2290.1K
BartonFinking08 Dec 2022 06:3660.2K
Be Slightly Evil16 Dec 2022 12:2250.4K
Bedeviled17 Jun 2023 08:2950.5K
Behave!06 Jul 2022 06:4621.3K
Being19 Jul 2022 01:2470.7K
Below the API17 Jun 2023 08:2960.8K
benediction17 Jun 2023 08:2960.2K
Beyond Good and Evil17 Jun 2023 08:2960.0K
BioBike VPL16 Dec 2022 12:2220.7K
bird's eye view vs. frog's eye view09 May 2024 02:3841.5K
Black Earth, Timothy Snyder16 Dec 2022 12:2260.7K
block universe29 Oct 2023 08:5561.4K
Blockoid16 Dec 2022 12:2220.6K
Blood Meridian17 Jun 2023 08:2946.9K
body without organs05 May 2024 10:4566.6K
Book of the New Sun17 Jun 2023 08:2950.6K
Book Reading18 Jan 2024 01:1074.1K
Book Reading/202318 Jan 2024 02:4261.7K
Book Reading/202405 May 2024 08:1680.2K
Borges16 Dec 2022 12:2221.7K
Brainworks17 Jun 2023 08:2950.7K
Bret Victor27 Jun 2022 12:5462.0K
Brian Cantwell Smith16 Jan 2024 06:5952.7K
Brian Eno07 Apr 2024 11:4750.0K
Bruce Sterling16 Dec 2022 12:2260.4K
Bruno Latour17 Jun 2023 08:2947.5K
Bruno Latour/We Have Never Been Modern10 Oct 2022 07:3450.1K
Buddhism17 Jun 2023 08:2943.9K
Building Stories19 Nov 2022 08:1340.5K
Burning Man16 Dec 2022 12:2261.8K
Byung-Chul Han01 Nov 2023 11:4943.1K
C. S. Peirce03 Jan 2024 02:5761.1K
Call Congress17 Jun 2023 08:2920.8K
capitalism09 Jul 2022 04:1062.3K
Capitalist Realism04 Dec 2022 11:2580.1K
Carl Hewitt22 Jul 2023 08:1445.9K
Carl Jung25 Jul 2022 11:5850.1K
Carl Schmitt16 Dec 2022 12:2251.1K
Cat Yronwode12 Jan 2024 10:1260.3K
Cataloging the World: Paul Otlet and the Birth of the Information Age16 Dec 2022 12:22611.3K
category theory17 Jun 2023 08:2960.7K
charliebrowning29 Dec 2023 03:5880.5K
ChatGPT17 Jun 2023 08:2951.3K
ChatGPT/Hermetic Rap04 Dec 2022 11:2561.4K
ChatGPT/Minsky17 Jun 2023 08:2964.9K
ChatGPT/Minsky-Blake17 Jun 2023 08:2966.2K
Chicago Museum of Science and Industry11 Jun 2022 08:4260.6K
child as hacker28 Aug 2022 09:0040.1K
Choose your own review20 May 2024 09:0063.3K
Choose your own review/compatibilists20 May 2024 08:3970.7K
Choose your own review/for hard determinists20 May 2024 08:4452.2K
Choose your own review/for illusionists20 May 2024 08:4172.2K
Choose your own review/for strong free willists20 May 2024 08:4372.0K
Choose your own review/my actual position20 May 2024 09:1571.8K
Choose your own review/the question is stupid20 May 2024 08:5672.7K
Christopher Alexander05 Aug 2023 09:4757.2K
Chuang Tzu13 Nov 2022 09:4740.2K
Church of the SubGenius22 Jan 2024 08:5623.2K
Chögyam Trungpa23 Sep 2022 04:3351.0K
Cinema Purgatorio25 Sep 2022 07:0570.0K
Clerk24 Dec 2023 09:3190.3K
Clojure09 Dec 2023 03:0140.7K
Clojure/CLOS-like-ness16 Dec 2022 12:2250.6K
Codex OS17 Jun 2023 08:2940.9K
Coen brothers05 Dec 2022 06:1451.9K
cogs tyrannic17 Jun 2023 08:2980.3K
Coleridge05 Jul 2023 11:0460.7K
Collected thoughts about Israel/Gaza11 May 2024 11:2565.7K
combinatoric nihilism24 Sep 2023 04:4950.6K
compassion17 Aug 2023 08:1182.4K
computational constitution17 Jun 2023 08:2966.6K
computational vitalism05 May 2024 10:4562.3K
Computer Lib ∕ Dream Machines27 Oct 2022 02:5040.4K
Computer Power and Human Reason30 Jul 2023 03:1093.8K
conatus29 Apr 2024 09:5870.7K
Conceptual Animism16 Dec 2022 12:2285.1K
conceptual museum23 Jun 2023 02:1370.9K
conflict theory15 Sep 2023 11:05412.4K
consent16 Dec 2022 12:2243.0K
conspiracy theory16 Dec 2022 12:2244.6K
constructionism15 Aug 2023 08:1441.3K
constructivism26 Apr 2024 06:5261.2K
Continental Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction08 Dec 2022 06:3643.2K
cooperation17 Jun 2023 08:2950.5K
Cormac McCarthy17 Sep 2023 03:4372.2K
corporate personhood17 Jun 2023 08:2960.7K
Counterpart16 Dec 2022 12:2261.2K
cringe21 Jul 2023 09:4580.8K
Critical Code Studies17 Jun 2023 08:2951.6K
critical realism16 Dec 2022 12:2280.9K
Crumb12 Jan 2024 10:3060.0K
cryptocurrencies16 Dec 2022 12:2270.7K
ctrace27 Nov 2022 04:5120.4K
culture war20 Jun 2022 01:5860.4K
Cybernetic Revolutionaries16 Dec 2022 12:2250.5K
cybernetics25 Aug 2022 11:0322.7K
Cyc06 Sep 2023 06:4261.9K
Dale Pendell17 Jun 2023 08:2970.3K
David Bentley Hart13 May 2024 10:45421.9K
David Foster Wallace16 Dec 2022 12:2260.8K
David Graeber21 Jul 2023 09:4551.4K
de Certeau05 Dec 2022 06:1250.2K
death17 Jun 2023 08:2962.0K
Death, Nothingness, Subjectivity26 Nov 2022 03:1775.6K
Debugging with Agents03 Sep 2022 07:3161.2K
Debugging Yourself16 Dec 2022 12:2264.0K
deep laziness17 Jun 2023 08:2942.2K
Deep Play16 Dec 2022 12:2251.9K
defeated27 Dec 2023 11:0370.9K
Deleuze05 May 2024 10:46516.8K
Demeney Voting17 Jun 2023 08:2981.5K
Denial of Death16 Dec 2022 12:2270.8K
Dennett10 Sep 2023 01:1947.3K
deplatforming17 Jun 2023 08:2961.3K
design16 Dec 2022 12:2240.4K
Design for the Real World07 Oct 2022 12:4952.7K
Design of Design13 Dec 2023 10:0960.0K
designer stance07 Sep 2022 03:4042.7K
Determined25 Dec 2023 03:39413.4K
Dig17 Jun 2023 08:2941.4K
digital garden16 Dec 2022 12:2274.8K
Discordianism17 Jun 2023 08:2952.3K
Disenchantment16 Dec 2022 12:2251.3K
dissertation15 Oct 2022 08:3222.2K
Distraction16 Dec 2022 12:2262.0K
Does Meaning Require Freedom?27 Nov 2022 01:2190.6K
Don Delillo16 Dec 2022 12:2250.9K
Doug Engelbart26 Dec 2023 10:2341.0K
Drunk02 Sep 2022 09:4580.2K
dumbbell theory17 Jun 2023 08:2943.3K
Dupuy, The Mechanization of Mind17 Jun 2023 08:2971.1K
Edith Ackermann16 Dec 2022 12:2244.9K
egregores16 Dec 2022 12:2240.0K
eigenselves16 Dec 2022 12:2240.5K
eliminativism31 May 2022 08:1442.6K
Elinor Ostrom17 Jun 2023 08:2950.3K
ELIZA16 Apr 2024 06:3670.3K
EM Cioran30 Jul 2023 03:1033.6K
Emacs16 Dec 2022 12:2250.1K
embobulator25 Feb 2023 07:2720.3K
embodiment16 Dec 2022 12:2240.5K
emergence07 Sep 2023 05:4083.2K
Emotion Paper01 Aug 2023 07:4962.6K
end-user programming16 Dec 2022 12:2231.3K
Enflame03 Jan 2024 08:3221.8K
Engineering Human Souls21 Jan 2024 09:03718.5K
Engineers of Human Souls20 Jan 2024 11:1063.4K
EntryPoint14 Feb 2024 08:2820.0K
equality and hierarchy16 Dec 2022 12:2261.8K
Erik Davis17 Jun 2023 08:2942.7K
Erving Goffman16 Dec 2022 12:2250.1K
eternalism17 Jun 2023 08:2961.6K
Ethnomethodology16 Dec 2022 12:2260.9K
Eugene Thacker30 Jul 2023 03:10410.7K
Evan Thompson16 Dec 2022 12:2260.9K
Every Cradle is a Grave14 Feb 2024 08:2870.0K
Examining the Society of Mind16 Dec 2022 12:2250.9K
Existentialism16 Dec 2022 12:2262.3K
Explaining Hitler16 Dec 2022 12:2251.0K
extended brain13 Nov 2022 09:47100.1K
fascism16 Dec 2022 12:2240.7K
Fearful Symmetry17 Jun 2023 08:2953.1K
Fenway House27 Oct 2023 11:4360.4K
fictionalism11 May 2024 09:3160.2K
Finite and Infinite Games25 Nov 2023 05:5041.8K
Finnegans Wake25 Sep 2022 07:1720.3K
Firesign Theater30 May 2022 08:1050.3K
Firing up the Emotion Machine17 Jun 2023 08:2940.2K
flow08 Dec 2022 06:3640.3K
fluid competence26 Apr 2024 03:2861.0K
For Memorial Day17 Jun 2023 08:2942.6K
Forque21 Jul 2023 10:3320.8K
Francisco Varela17 Jun 2023 08:29411.8K
Frankfurt26 Feb 2024 11:1570.7K
Free Agents19 May 2024 06:0947.4K
Free Play13 Nov 2023 07:0556.9K
Free Software Movement29 Jul 2022 02:3080.8K
free speech18 May 2024 03:2444.3K
free will25 Dec 2023 02:2956.9K
Free Will is Incoherent29 Oct 2023 09:2671.4K
Freud16 Dec 2022 12:2242.4K
friendliness01 Nov 2023 11:4960.4K
Full Metal Jacket17 Jun 2023 08:2960.1K
Further reading16 Dec 2022 12:2240.2K
Future Fossils21 May 2022 12:2543.0K
Future Fossils/Weird Studies30 Jun 2023 07:2842.3K
future self06 Aug 2022 09:1950.4K
Gaia Hypothesis16 Dec 2022 12:2251.9K
Galen Strawson24 Feb 2024 08:5540.3K
Games: Agency as Art28 Nov 2022 04:3753.1K
Gary Marcus25 Sep 2022 12:1270.3K
Generative art/theory11 Jul 2022 10:1550.3K
George Ainslie25 Sep 2022 05:5541.7K
George Hart17 Jun 2023 08:2960.2K
Georges Bataille17 Jun 2023 08:2963.8K
Gerald Balzano28 Aug 2022 10:4040.5K
Global Standards for Knowledge Representation16 Dec 2022 12:2272.2K
gnarliness17 Jun 2023 08:2960.7K
gnosticism17 Jun 2023 08:2961.3K
God in Search of Man, Abraham Joshua Heschel19 Nov 2023 12:2956.3K
Goddinpotty17 Jun 2023 08:2923.1K
goddinpotty tutorial14 May 2022 06:3043.7K
goddinpotty/devlog17 Jun 2023 08:2931.3K
goddinpotty/dynamic-cheap17 Jun 2023 08:2930.8K
goddinpotty/dynamic-real17 Jun 2023 08:2930.7K
goddinpotty/map17 Jun 2023 08:2931.6K
goddinpotty/name17 Jun 2023 08:2931.2K
goddinpotty/sidenotes17 Jun 2023 08:2930.6K
goddinpotty/TODOs24 Nov 2023 08:45322.6K
goddinpotty/user-guide17 Jun 2023 08:2930.6K
GOFAI07 Nov 2023 02:5440.8K
Good and Real06 Feb 2024 09:1240.5K
Good Old-fashioned Liberal Individualism17 Jun 2023 08:2962.1K
Goodhart's Law16 Dec 2022 12:2290.6K
gradgrindism30 Aug 2022 03:2142.0K
Graeber vs de Castro21 Jul 2023 09:4570.6K
gratitude02 Aug 2023 05:4660.6K
Gregory Bateson01 Sep 2022 04:1742.7K
group agency21 Dec 2023 08:2659.8K
Gui Bonsiepe08 Dec 2022 06:3671.1K
gumption trap17 Jun 2023 08:2941.9K
Habitability28 Aug 2022 08:5052.7K
hack17 Jun 2023 08:2902.4K
Hacker Stance27 Aug 2022 05:2620.9K
hacking26 Aug 2022 09:2541.3K
haecceity21 May 2022 12:2541.7K
Hakim Bey17 Jun 2023 08:2954.4K
Hakim Bey/Satanic Mills17 Jun 2023 08:2961.2K
Harry Smith17 Jun 2023 08:2952.8K
Hashomer Hatzair25 Nov 2023 06:0890.5K
Hegel04 Sep 2023 02:3662.2K
Heidegger21 Jun 2023 07:3752.3K
Heidegger on the Connection between Nihilism, Art, Technology and Politics19 Jun 2023 10:1458.7K
Heideggerian AI07 Nov 2023 02:2330.7K
Henri Bergson05 May 2024 10:41518.3K
Henry Jenkins13 Nov 2022 09:4750.5K
Heraclitus05 Nov 2022 02:2150.2K
High Agency17 Jun 2023 08:2931.1K
High Weirdness17 Jun 2023 08:2944.0K
His Dark Materials27 Dec 2023 05:1380.6K
historian16 Dec 2022 12:2220.8K
History of Smalltalk13 Dec 2023 10:0940.5K
Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach17 Jun 2023 08:2941.8K
holism17 Nov 2022 10:2151.6K
Homage to New York16 Dec 2022 12:2280.9K
Homo Ludens16 Dec 2022 12:2244.4K
homunculus17 Dec 2023 11:1760.4K
Hookup17 Jun 2023 08:2960.1K
How Buildings Learn22 Oct 2022 11:3550.9K
How Interpreters Work27 Nov 2022 01:18110.7K
How to (not) think about nihilism06 Aug 2023 11:2961.4K
How to be less agentic13 Jan 2024 09:2051.8K
How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)08 Dec 2022 06:3650.6K
How to Meta13 Dec 2023 10:0961.2K
How to think about Nazis16 Dec 2022 12:2255.5K
Howl22 Nov 2022 09:2940.0K
Hubert Dreyfus24 Sep 2022 09:4550.8K
Human Compatible17 Jun 2023 08:2955.3K
humanization21 Jul 2022 12:0170.9K
Hyperchaos05 Nov 2022 01:5053.8K
hyperstition17 Jun 2023 01:49510.1K
hypertext tools and practices17 Jun 2023 08:2941.6K
I Am You26 Nov 2022 12:5952.2K
I Fight Authority27 Nov 2022 01:4542.3K
Ian Bogost17 Jun 2023 08:2980.3K
IAnnotate Conference14 May 2022 06:30510.3K
IDE for science14 Feb 2024 08:2860.0K
idea16 Dec 2022 12:2250.2K
ideafile 200717 Jun 2023 08:291010.6K
if only the czar knew!13 Dec 2023 10:5461.8K
II Cybernetic Frontiers07 Jul 2022 11:3660.2K
illegibility16 Dec 2022 12:2241.7K
Illuminatus!16 Dec 2022 12:2250.1K
illusionism17 Jun 2023 08:2971.3K
imago07 Nov 2023 02:4043.4K
Imagos Inc17 Jun 2023 08:2983.5K
immanence04 Oct 2023 02:5660.5K
imperturbability23 Jan 2024 03:1061.2K
imprimers22 Dec 2023 07:4721.9K
In Defense of Mechanism24 Sep 2023 11:0261.6K
Infinite Jest16 Dec 2022 12:2241.5K
Infinitely Demanding16 Dec 2022 12:2250.0K
influence02 Oct 2022 05:4340.5K
Infrastructure of intention16 Dec 2022 12:2252.9K
Integrated Information Theory17 Sep 2023 03:1970.7K
intentional programming17 Jun 2023 08:2931.2K
Internal Family Systems05 Jan 2024 08:2860.9K
Interview with Thi Nguyen08 Dec 2022 06:3671.3K
Introduction to Inventive Minds19 Jun 2023 08:52018.7K
IO Informatics Knowledge Explorer25 Nov 2023 06:1140.5K
Is Technology Magic?24 Jan 2024 06:2941.6K
James Carse16 Dec 2022 12:2250.1K
James Low28 Dec 2023 09:5075.4K
James Scott17 Jun 2023 08:2971.5K
Jankiness22 Oct 2023 09:4842.9K
Jaron Lanier17 Jun 2023 08:2950.1K
JCR Licklider09 Oct 2023 12:2760.5K
Jewish Voice for Peace25 Nov 2023 06:0762.9K
JFM theory of the imaginal19 Oct 2023 02:44613.9K
JG Ballard17 Jun 2023 08:2950.8K
Jill Nephew17 Jun 2023 08:2973.9K
Joel Kovel17 Jun 2023 08:2963.0K
John McCarthy16 Dec 2022 12:2240.1K
John Vervaeke17 Jun 2023 08:2972.7K
Jon Mills16 Dec 2022 12:22818.6K
Joseph Goguen17 Jun 2023 08:2961.0K
JuBuIsm12 Jan 2024 10:1381.2K
Justice21 Jul 2023 09:4562.0K
Kafka10 Jul 2022 10:1141.2K
Karl Popper17 Jun 2023 08:2961.7K
kayfabe17 Jun 2023 08:2960.2K
Kenan Malik30 Oct 2022 01:1764.4K
Kevin Kelly02 Oct 2023 07:4351.6K
Klein bottle06 Feb 2024 12:1360.4K
knowledge environment22 Oct 2022 11:0560.4K
knowledge visualization16 Dec 2022 12:2250.9K
KnowOS08 May 2024 08:3240.2K
Korsgaard16 Dec 2022 12:2244.7K
Kubla Khan17 Jun 2023 08:2980.6K
kudos02 Aug 2023 05:1480.3K
labor10 Feb 2024 06:5642.7K
Lacan16 Dec 2022 12:2271.7K
LangChain21 Jul 2023 09:4560.5K
Language Models29 Nov 2023 07:1072.8K
Lao Tzu10 Feb 2024 08:4151.7K
Latour/Abstraction17 Jun 2023 08:2950.4K
Laws of Form23 Oct 2022 10:4551.6K
Laying Down a Forking Path16 Dec 2022 12:2261.3K
LessWrong25 Sep 2022 06:2920.4K
libertarianism07 May 2024 07:1742.8K
Librium02 Dec 2023 04:5620.5K
Life Against Death13 Aug 2023 03:1573.9K
Life: A User's Manual16 Dec 2022 12:2261.0K
Ligotti17 Jun 2023 08:2948.7K
Lines of Thought14 May 2022 06:3071.5K
Liquid Democracy17 Jun 2023 08:2980.9K
Lisp28 Aug 2022 06:5422.8K
literacy16 Dec 2022 12:2280.8K
LiveWorld01 Sep 2022 07:3540.7K
Livia Polanyi16 Dec 2022 12:2281.4K
living fictions11 May 2024 09:2956.0K
logseq22 Jul 2022 07:4922.4K
logseq/issues16 Dec 2022 12:2235.4K
logseq/migration16 Dec 2022 12:2230.0K
logseq/publish16 Dec 2022 12:2230.9K
Long Now16 Dec 2022 12:2252.1K
Lost Visions of the Information Age16 Dec 2022 12:2240.5K
Lovecraft25 Nov 2023 06:2350.8K
LSTM28 Nov 2023 05:15120.1K
Luddism17 Jun 2023 08:2941.3K
Lumo13 Nov 2022 10:0850.4K
Luvah17 Aug 2023 07:3260.5K
LWMap16 Dec 2022 12:2210.1K
LWMap/Actual Feedback25 Nov 2023 05:5024.3K
LWMap/Agency: Introduction25 Nov 2023 06:1324.7K
LWMap/Being a Robust Agent06 Aug 2022 09:20210.1K
LWMap/Coherence Arguments Do Not Imply Goal Directed Behavior17 Jun 2023 08:2922.5K
LWMap/Embedded Agency16 Dec 2022 12:2226.0K
LWMap/Explaining Insight Meditation and Enlightenment in Non-Mysterious Terms16 Dec 2022 12:2227.7K
LWMap/Meta-honesty17 Jun 2023 08:2923.5K
LWMap/Naming the Nameless16 Dec 2022 12:2227.4K
LWMap/The Rocket Alignment Problem17 Jun 2023 08:2926.6K
LWMap/Varieties of Argumentation Experience13 Nov 2022 02:2828.2K
LWMap/What Motivated Rescuers During the Holocaust?03 Jun 2023 03:15210.0K
LWMap/A Map That Reflects the Territory17 Jun 2023 08:2909.3K
Macbeth17 Jun 2023 08:2951.1K
Macbeth/Bibliography17 Jun 2023 08:2957.2K
Mad Magazine26 Nov 2022 09:1550.3K
Magister Ludi03 Jul 2022 09:38410.1K
Making of a Counter-Culture16 Dec 2022 12:2242.8K
malatheism31 May 2022 07:5841.1K
Malcolm X College27 Oct 2023 11:4352.5K
Many Dimensional Man06 Jun 2022 10:3441.0K
Maps in Goddinpotty06 Nov 2022 07:4372.5K
Mark Fisher20 Oct 2022 06:5560.5K
Martin Buber13 Jan 2024 08:4552.4K
Martin Seligman25 Feb 2023 07:3775.0K
Marvin Minsky17 Jun 2023 08:2927.2K
Marvin Minsky/Inventive Minds17 Jun 2023 08:2921.6K
Marvin Minsky/on Cybernetics07 Mar 2024 08:3534.1K
Marvin Minsky/on free will23 Mar 2024 03:3733.3K
Marvin Minsky/on Freud14 Dec 2022 03:1932.9K
Marvin Minsky/on holism03 Sep 2022 11:3730.3K
Marvin Minsky/on Philosophers17 Jun 2023 08:2930.7K
Marvin Minsky/on Religion19 Dec 2023 09:5035.1K
Marvin Minsky/Society of Mind05 Jan 2024 12:1833.3K
Marvin Minsky/The Emotion Machine05 Aug 2023 05:2430.8K
Marvin Minsky/Things Not Material17 Jun 2023 08:2931.8K
Marvin Minsky/True Names Afterword17 Jun 2023 08:29238.4K
Marvin Minsky/vs Chomsky09 Jul 2022 04:0432.1K
Marvin Minsky/vs Rationalism17 Jun 2023 08:2931.0K
Marvin Minsky/vs Situated Action26 Apr 2024 06:4933.6K
Marvin Minsky/Why programming is a good medium for expressing poorly understood and sloppily-formulated ideas17 Jun 2023 08:2931.2K
Marx16 Dec 2022 12:2262.4K
Marxist theories of agency16 Dec 2022 12:2270.1K
master-slave dialectic04 Sep 2023 02:3670.9K
Mastery of Non-Mastery in the Age of Meltdown11 May 2024 01:04513.2K
Mastodon17 Jun 2023 08:2950.8K
materialism17 Jun 2022 04:0951.3K
Mathematical Universe17 Jun 2023 08:2960.2K
May Day17 Nov 2022 10:2162.7K
Meaningness19 Jul 2022 01:1243.9K
Meaningness, Nihilism, and Me16 Dec 2022 12:2264.9K
Media Science17 Jun 2023 08:2923.6K
Media Science Heroes08 Dec 2022 08:3643.5K
Meditations on Meditations on Meditations on Moloch11 Feb 2024 09:0043.3K
Meditations on Meditations on Moloch15 Sep 2023 11:05215.7K
memoization16 Dec 2022 12:2260.4K
Memory Palaces08 Aug 2022 08:2950.0K
metacognitive engineering21 Nov 2022 08:5967.2K
metaphor05 Sep 2022 01:0541.4K
metapsychology27 Oct 2022 08:4463.2K
methodological individualism16 Dec 2022 12:2250.1K
Michael Levin17 Jun 2023 08:2960.5K
Michael Taussig17 Jun 2023 08:2951.1K
mimesis16 Dec 2022 12:2261.8K
Mimesis and Alterity16 Dec 2022 12:2271.7K
Mind Mirror24 Jul 2022 05:1070.5K
mind-destroying ideas17 Jun 2023 08:2942.9K
Minsky/Matter, Mind, and Models17 Jun 2023 08:2930.1K
Monism17 Jun 2023 08:2960.0K
mono no aware16 Dec 2022 12:2260.3K
monotheism17 Dec 2023 09:1962.8K
Morose delectation17 Jun 2023 08:2960.6K
motivational engineering17 Jun 2023 08:2941.6K
MTA generator13 Dec 2023 10:3920.4K
MUE23 Jun 2023 02:0750.4K
multiplicity14 Feb 2024 08:2860.0K
multiverse01 Nov 2023 11:4963.0K
Music17 Jun 2023 08:2963.4K
Music/Hardware Lust17 Jun 2023 08:2970.6K
My philosophy which is mine28 Jul 2022 12:0271.6K
my writing and publishing stack14 May 2022 06:3031.5K
mysterianism26 Nov 2023 07:5745.1K
métis27 Jun 2022 09:1262.1K
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Narrative Intelligence21 Jul 2023 09:4543.1K
narrative self21 Jul 2023 09:4552.1K
naturalism30 Oct 2022 01:1561.2K
naturalist agency17 Jun 2023 08:2942.0K
nebulosity03 Jun 2023 03:1344.1K
neoreaction23 Jan 2024 02:0625.7K
neovitalism29 Apr 2024 09:5744.4K
New Laptop Setup17 Jun 2023 08:2960.4K
Nick Land16 Dec 2022 12:2240.7K
Nietzsche24 Nov 2023 08:4541.9K
Nihil Unbound21 Jul 2023 09:4559.2K
nihilism30 Jul 2023 03:1057.3K
Nihilism and Agency03 Jun 2023 02:3963.2K
Nihilism in Art29 Apr 2024 11:13519.3K
Nil Combustibus Pro Fumo27 Oct 2023 11:4380.4K
No Country for Old Men15 Sep 2023 01:4551.6K
nonduality17 Aug 2023 07:5444.4K
Norman O. Brown12 Aug 2023 12:2750.8K
Not one, not two03 Dec 2023 12:0960.2K
Notes from Underground13 Jan 2024 09:1960.0K
Notes on HAL 900028 Apr 2024 10:2256.2K
Notes on Daybreak02 Aug 2023 05:12424.3K
obedience01 Jul 2022 10:5961.8K
Object-oriented ontology10 Jul 2022 03:5851.4K
Obsidian27 Dec 2023 07:3290.5K
Obstinancy16 Dec 2022 12:2252.6K
occult16 Dec 2022 12:2241.2K
Occupied16 Dec 2022 12:2261.0K
OGU vs MU11 Dec 2022 08:4850.1K
Old Gods New Enigmas26 Oct 2022 08:2442.0K
OldManYellsAtCloud17 Jun 2023 08:29110.1K
Oliver Selfridge - Pandemonium31 May 2022 12:5750.7K
On the nature of Hacking17 Jun 2023 08:2980.8K
optimizing15 Sep 2023 11:0545.7K
Orality and Literacy21 Nov 2022 08:5956.1K
orbiculus17 Dec 2023 11:2761.7K
org-mode test16 Jan 2024 03:3340.5K
org-roam17 Jun 2023 08:2940.2K
orthogonality thesis29 Dec 2023 09:3346.5K
Out of Control02 Oct 2023 07:4371.5K
Overstory16 Dec 2022 12:2280.3K
pace layers23 Nov 2022 03:2761.0K
Pacifica Police Incidents16 Dec 2022 12:2222.4K
pacifism21 Aug 2023 04:0561.4K
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Pantheologies04 Oct 2023 02:57410.6K
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Paste Markdown Link17 Jun 2023 08:2923.4K
Patterns of Refactored Agency29 Apr 2024 09:57536.0K
Patterns of Software17 Jun 2023 08:2940.4K
Paul Otlet and the prehistory of the web17 Jun 2023 08:2965.9K
Pema Chodron16 Dec 2022 12:2280.0K
Personalized Language Models17 Jun 2023 08:29100.4K
Pessoa23 Jun 2022 09:4160.8K
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Philip K Dick16 Dec 2022 12:2251.9K
Piaget02 Oct 2023 07:4360.4K
PKD/on androids17 Jun 2023 08:2949.4K
PLATO17 Jun 2023 08:2941.1K
Play18 Jun 2023 05:1828.4K
Play as a Cognitive Primitive30 Oct 2022 01:34515.9K
poetry17 Jun 2023 08:2960.2K
polarization17 Jun 2023 08:2972.0K
Politics and Pragmatism in Scientific Ontology Construction17 Jun 2023 08:2947.1K
Politics as Ritual17 Jun 2023 08:2961.2K
Portugese Mooch15 Jul 2022 08:5460.1K
postrationalism16 Dec 2022 12:2220.9K
powerful abstraction16 Dec 2022 12:2251.5K
practical freedom vs metaphysical freedom17 Jun 2023 08:2960.3K
practice17 Jun 2023 08:2981.2K
Prehistory of Computing28 Dec 2023 09:5540.4K
Pretentious Book Club16 Dec 2022 12:2270.9K
Procedural knowledge in molecular biology16 Dec 2022 12:2271.8K
procedural thinking16 Dec 2022 12:2252.6K
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Programming with Characters04 May 2024 07:0760.3K
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Project for a Scientific Psychology14 Feb 2024 08:2880.0K
Promethea17 Jun 2023 08:2970.2K
Protocol Kit23 Mar 2024 12:3073.4K
Protocol Thinking13 Dec 2023 10:4455.3K
Protocol Thinking/Scientific Data Sharing06 Apr 2024 08:5751.9K
Protocol Thinking/Timebanking12 Apr 2024 05:2760.9K
psychoanalysis13 Aug 2023 03:1660.0K
Psychoanalysis: the impossible profession, Janet Malcom16 Dec 2022 12:2281.6K
Psychonauts18 Nov 2023 08:1681.0K
Psychopolitics01 Nov 2023 11:4962.7K
Publishing Twitter Archives09 Nov 2022 08:4320.6K
purpose16 Dec 2022 12:2240.1K
Purposive Explanation in Psychology16 Dec 2022 12:2250.8K
Pushing and popping16 Dec 2022 12:2281.2K
Pyrrho16 Dec 2022 12:2260.7K
quantum suicide16 Dec 2022 12:2280.8K
quarantine reading 202025 Jun 2022 02:0654.0K
Quentin Meillassoux16 Dec 2022 12:2250.0K
quick capture17 Jun 2023 08:2940.6K
Rant on woke git17 Jun 2023 08:2994.1K
rationalism17 Jun 2023 08:29211.8K
Rationality and the Structure of the Self16 Dec 2022 12:2262.6K
RD Laing26 Oct 2022 08:2459.3K
re-enchantment17 Jun 2023 08:2941.9K
re:Clojure notes17 Jun 2023 08:2953.1K
reaper16 Dec 2022 12:2221.3K
Rebels Against the Future17 Jun 2023 08:2961.3K
reductionism16 Dec 2022 12:2272.7K
refactoring16 Dec 2022 12:2270.5K
Refactoring War03 Dec 2023 09:2980.9K
relationship between cybernetics and psychoanalysis13 Aug 2023 03:15412.8K
replication26 Dec 2023 10:2350.3K
representational objectivism16 Dec 2022 12:2240.4K
representationalism19 Jun 2023 09:3660.9K
repression13 Aug 2023 03:1641.1K
Retortion02 Oct 2022 06:3280.9K
Ribbonfarm16 Dec 2022 12:2240.5K
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Richard Rorty17 Jun 2023 08:2966.1K
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Road To Unfreedom09 May 2022 11:2171.0K
Roam21 Jul 2022 07:5327.3K
RoamAway22 Aug 2022 08:3231.9K
Robert Anton Wilson17 Jun 2023 08:2941.9K
Robert Heinlein17 Jun 2023 08:2931.7K
Roger Caillois08 Dec 2022 06:3650.5K
Roger Penrose17 Jun 2023 08:2952.2K
Roko's Basilisk14 Feb 2024 08:2840.0K
romanticism17 Jun 2023 08:2960.1K
Rota, The Barrier of Meaning13 Oct 2023 02:0981.7K
Rowan, Subpersonalities16 Dec 2022 12:2270.1K
rubberducking16 Dec 2022 12:2261.1K
Rudy Rucker24 Nov 2022 09:5260.2K
sacred30 Jun 2023 07:2862.4K
Sandman15 Jul 2022 02:3761.2K
schizophrenia16 Dec 2022 12:2240.9K
Seeing Things as They Are: A Theory of Perception17 Jun 2023 08:2952.7K
self-reference02 Oct 2022 06:3270.3K
Severance16 Dec 2022 12:2242.9K
Seymour Papert26 Apr 2024 06:5240.1K
shamanism02 Oct 2022 07:0173.9K
shame17 Jun 2023 08:2946.3K
Shantideva16 Dec 2022 12:2261.1K
Shaviro, The Universe of Things17 Jun 2023 08:2972.4K
Sherry Turkle30 Jul 2023 03:1082.5K
Shmagency16 Dec 2022 12:2262.4K
SICP17 Jun 2023 08:2921.6K
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Simon Critchley16 Dec 2022 12:2260.1K
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Southern Reach trilogy17 Jun 2023 08:2951.1K
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Spinoza17 Jun 2023 08:2940.1K
Spinoza, Ethics16 Dec 2022 12:2262.4K
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Steps to an Ecology of Mind01 Sep 2022 04:1860.0K
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Stoicism21 Nov 2023 03:1043.6K
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sublimation of man17 Jun 2023 08:2971.2K
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summum bonum17 Jun 2023 08:2961.5K
Support the Nontroops13 Jan 2024 10:1471.4K
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Sussman, Programming is fun15 Sep 2022 09:0660.9K
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Talk's Body29 Nov 2022 08:1250.4K
Talmudic Notetaking16 Dec 2022 12:2241.5K
Taochitecture21 Jun 2023 08:1270.5K
Taoism20 Jun 2022 05:4150.0K
Technic and Magic11 May 2024 08:32461.4K
Ted Nelson19 Jun 2023 08:5324.6K
tedious fights with wingnuts16 Dec 2022 12:2241.6K
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Telling the American Story09 Dec 2022 08:3062.7K
Temporary Autonomous Zone09 Jul 2022 08:5050.7K
Textiles05 Jul 2023 11:0442.2K
Textiles/Journal05 Jul 2023 11:0440.7K
The Body is the API of the Soul17 Jun 2023 08:2960.7K
The Chinese Room Argument17 Jun 2023 08:2941.1K
The Director19 Aug 2022 08:5960.9K
The Disappearance of Rituals: A Topology of the Present01 Nov 2023 11:49616.9K
The Dispossessed17 Jun 2023 08:2951.6K
The Earth is Flat17 Jun 2023 08:2965.2K
The Electric Anthill29 Dec 2023 06:2321.1K
The Embodied Mind17 Jun 2023 08:2943.7K
The Empathy Diaries30 Jul 2023 03:1082.4K
The Enigma of Reason16 Dec 2022 12:2241.2K
The Experience of Nothingness16 Dec 2022 12:2280.9K
The Extended Mind20 Sep 2022 10:13120.7K
The Flip, Jeffrey Kripal05 Aug 2023 09:5924.1K
The Fly16 Dec 2022 12:2251.3K
The Fool24 Sep 2023 10:3560.5K
The Government Within02 Aug 2022 08:0450.1K
The Highway28 Oct 2023 08:0371.4K
The Jew in the Lotus03 Jan 2024 08:1780.6K
The Jewish Century17 Jun 2023 08:2963.0K
The Limits Of Control15 Sep 2023 10:23512.4K
the lowly matter axiom20 May 2024 08:3740.9K
The Metamorphosis of Shit06 Nov 2022 02:4550.2K
The Ministry for the Future22 Oct 2022 03:53410.6K
The One and The Many05 May 2024 10:5470.3K
The Philosophy of Zen Buddhism01 Nov 2023 11:4964.0K
The Politics of Collective Violence17 Jun 2023 08:29100.2K
The Practical Cogitator06 Apr 2024 09:4040.3K
The Prisoner17 Jun 2023 08:2950.7K
The purpose of second-order cybernetics, Glanville17 Jun 2023 08:2944.0K
The Residents17 Jun 2023 08:2950.1K
The Right Thing17 Jun 2023 08:2961.1K
The Rubáiyát17 Jun 2023 08:2981.0K
The Second Self17 Jun 2023 08:29100.0K
The Selfish Gene10 Dec 2022 01:4051.1K
The Seventh Function of Language16 Dec 2022 12:2270.4K
The Software Arts09 Nov 2022 08:4350.5K
The Trap, Adam Curtis documentary16 Dec 2022 12:2262.1K
The Trial of the Chicago 715 Sep 2023 11:0558.0K
The Tyranny of the Tale21 Jul 2023 09:4583.3K
The Ultimate Lesson15 Sep 2023 11:0520.7K
The Visitors19 Oct 2022 08:3751.2K
There is No Antimemetics Division05 Aug 2023 05:0851.1K
This is your mind on plants, Pollan16 Dec 2022 12:2272.1K
Thomas Pynchon17 Jun 2023 08:2950.6K
Thoughts Without a Thinker17 Jun 2023 08:2962.4K
Time: A Very Short Introduction08 Dec 2022 06:3680.7K
Timothy Leary17 Jun 2023 08:2952.6K
to the psychoanalysts20 Jan 2024 10:0390.1K
Tools for Thought17 Jun 2023 02:0441.5K
torture16 Dec 2022 12:2240.9K
ToSelf15 Oct 2022 04:5340.1K
transformer blocks28 Nov 2023 05:1890.9K
Travesties19 Nov 2023 01:0150.9K
Truth Takes a Vacation17 Jun 2023 08:2965.3K
Trying not to Try22 Oct 2023 07:1862.9K
Tufte: Seeing with Fresh Eyes16 May 2022 08:4154.8K
tulpas25 Jun 2022 02:0542.4K
tulpoid05 Jan 2024 12:0361.2K
Twin Pages17 Jun 2023 08:2920.2K
Twin Peaks17 Jun 2023 08:2950.6K
Ultimate Meaning: We Don't Have It, We Can't Get It, and We Should Be Very, Very Sad17 Jun 2023 08:29412.2K
Ultra04 May 2024 08:05100.2K
Understanding Computers and Cognition: A New Foundation for Design16 Dec 2022 12:22100.4K
unus mundus11 Sep 2022 07:1142.0K
Urizen17 Jun 2023 08:2942.3K
Ursula K. Le Guin16 Dec 2022 12:2250.8K
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Vibrant Matter29 Apr 2024 10:0961.1K
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We are Software17 Jun 2023 08:2962.2K
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weird naturalism04 Oct 2023 02:5941.8K
Weird Studies17 Jun 2023 02:0121.8K
Weird Studies/13 Heraclitus17 Jun 2023 08:2932.4K
Weird Studies/A Glitch in the Matrix17 Jun 2023 08:2931.8K
Weird Studies/a note on Yarvin30 Oct 2022 02:0032.4K
Weird Studies/Art for Art's Sake17 Jun 2023 08:2922.0K
Weird Studies/Ballard & Leguin17 Jun 2023 08:2931.7K
Weird Studies/Bandwagon & Mandy08 Dec 2022 06:3630.2K
Weird Studies/Bergson17 Jun 2023 08:2934.2K
Weird Studies/Blade Runner22 Dec 2023 07:4733.0K
Weird Studies/Borges08 Dec 2022 06:3632.7K
Weird Studies/Brian Eno13 Aug 2023 03:1831.4K
Weird Studies/BW Powe on Visionary Literature16 Dec 2022 12:2231.0K
Weird Studies/Charles Taylor and Disenchantment15 Oct 2022 04:5332.9K
Weird Studies/Colin Wilson17 Jun 2023 08:2933.2K
Weird Studies/Crowley17 Jun 2023 08:2931.6K
Weird Studies/Cutting (Patreon)22 Oct 2023 10:0530.8K
Weird Studies/Discord14 Jul 2022 03:3930.0K
Weird Studies/DISI 202321 Jul 2023 09:4530.9K
Weird Studies/Dogen17 Jun 2023 08:2930.8K
Weird Studies/Duchamp06 Nov 2022 05:0634.1K
Weird Studies/Duncan Barford28 May 2022 04:0231.6K
Weird Studies/Erik Davis06 Jul 2022 04:2431.4K
Weird Studies/Errol Morris, Lobsters17 Jun 2023 01:5433.4K
Weird Studies/Evil Dead 204 Dec 2022 12:2030.8K
Weird Studies/Exotica17 Jun 2023 02:0633.5K
Weird Studies/Eyes Wide Shut03 Nov 2022 07:5931.2K
Weird Studies/Fall of the House of Usher27 Nov 2022 01:4533.8K
Weird Studies/Freeze Peach16 May 2024 08:4830.7K
Weird Studies/From Hell24 Jan 2024 05:3630.9K
Weird Studies/Games17 Jun 2023 08:2931.4K
Weird Studies/Garmonbozia17 Jun 2023 08:2932.6K
Weird Studies/Gebser17 Jun 2023 08:2935.2K
Weird Studies/Glass Bead Game17 Jun 2023 08:2931.6K
Weird Studies/Graham Harman21 Nov 2022 08:0832.7K
Weird Studies/Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams09 Oct 2022 01:5830.8K
Weird Studies/Hillman on Dreams10 Nov 2022 02:0931.5K
Weird Studies/Holiday Bonus16 Dec 2022 12:2230.5K
Weird Studies/Holiday Memories15 Oct 2022 04:5331.3K
Weird Studies/Hyperstition14 Dec 2022 03:1932.9K
Weird Studies/I Ching21 Nov 2022 08:1730.4K
Weird Studies/In Praise of Affectation15 Aug 2023 08:5030.2K
Weird Studies/Introduction17 Jun 2023 08:2930.5K
Weird Studies/John Carpenter21 May 2022 12:2530.3K
Weird Studies/Joshua Ramey09 Dec 2022 09:5238.9K
Weird Studies/Jung on Art17 Jun 2023 02:0337.0K
Weird Studies/Knocking on the Abyssal Door17 Jun 2023 08:2931.0K
Weird Studies/Kubrick Course29 Apr 2024 11:13311.1K
Weird Studies/Last and First Men17 Jun 2023 08:2930.5K
Weird Studies/Lem's New Cosmogony05 Aug 2023 05:2436.2K
Weird Studies/Live in Chicago10 Jun 2022 06:1730.9K
Weird Studies/Lovecraft16 Dec 2022 12:2231.8K
Weird Studies/M John Harrison22 May 2022 07:3830.6K
Weird Studies/Macbeth Course27 Dec 2023 01:48318.6K
Weird Studies/Matt Cardin23 Jun 2022 06:5130.5K
Weird Studies/MC Richards12 Aug 2023 12:2735.9K
Weird Studies/Mechanical Dollhouse08 Dec 2022 06:3639.4K
Weird Studies/Michael Garfield08 Dec 2022 06:3633.2K
Weird Studies/Mr Punch16 Dec 2022 12:2230.6K
Weird Studies/Mumbo Jumbo10 Dec 2022 07:5731.2K
Weird Studies/Naked Lunch16 Dec 2022 12:2231.8K
Weird Studies/Neighbor George27 Aug 2022 05:2331.8K
Weird Studies/Nietzsche on History16 Dec 2022 12:2232.2K
Weird Studies/Nura AI Course03 Jan 2024 08:07340.8K
Weird Studies/Nura Weirding Course02 Oct 2023 07:43341.6K
Weird Studies/Object Memory15 Oct 2022 08:3331.8K
Weird Studies/On Beauty09 Nov 2022 08:4330.3K
Weird Studies/On Modern Miracles27 Jun 2022 04:1131.0K
Weird Studies/On Weirding19 Oct 2022 11:0031.0K
Weird Studies/Pan & Gyrus17 Jun 2023 08:2932.4K
Weird Studies/Patreon13 Nov 2022 09:4730.6K
Weird Studies/Patreon/AI31 Jul 2023 11:2541.6K
Weird Studies/Patreon/Animism12 Apr 2024 09:0240.6K
Weird Studies/Pattern Recognition16 Dec 2022 12:2232.1K
Weird Studies/Pauline Oliveros17 Jun 2023 08:2930.1K
Weird Studies/Piranesi09 Dec 2023 09:4632.3K
Weird Studies/Pit and the Pyramid29 Nov 2022 08:1231.4K
Weird Studies/PKD17 Jun 2023 08:2931.4K
Weird Studies/Pretentiousness12 May 2024 11:5534.1K
Weird Studies/Radical Mystery25 Nov 2023 05:5835.7K
Weird Studies/Raiders of the Lost Ark29 Oct 2022 04:1530.3K
Weird Studies/Reading Chairs13 Nov 2022 09:4730.6K
Weird Studies/Request List24 Jan 2024 09:1636.7K
Weird Studies/Rodney Ascher29 Sep 2022 09:2931.2K
Weird Studies/Shirley Jackson24 Jun 2022 07:2630.3K
Weird Studies/Skepticism16 Dec 2022 12:2236.9K
Weird Studies/Song Swap21 Jun 2023 09:2931.0K
Weird Studies/Spiritual Science04 Sep 2023 07:5934.0K
Weird Studies/SSOTBME17 Jun 2023 08:2931.2K
Weird Studies/Stalker17 Jun 2023 08:2932.7K
Weird Studies/sunn O)))04 Sep 2023 02:3630.9K
Weird Studies/Talking the Walk09 Nov 2022 08:4331.7K
Weird Studies/Tarot17 Jun 2023 08:2930.2K
Weird Studies/Tarot/Death17 Jun 2023 08:2941.2K
Weird Studies/Tarot/The Chariot17 Jun 2023 08:2940.8K
Weird Studies/Tarot/The Devil21 Feb 2024 01:1040.7K
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