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    • (translates as "thisness") is a term from medieval scholastic philosophy, first coined by followers of Duns Scotus to denote a concept that he seems to have originated:
      • the discrete qualities, properties or characteristics of a thing that make it a particular thing...Haecceity may be defined in some dictionaries as simply the "essence" of a thing, or as a simple synonym for quiddity or hypokeimenon." Haecceity - Wikipedia
    • Isn't this about the same as that other advanced vocabulary term, ipsissimosity? (Note: this has some bearing on my quarrels with Rationalism and the "objective spirit")
    • While terms such as haecceity, quiddity, noumenon and hypokeimenon all evoke the essence of a thing, they each have subtle differences and refer to different aspects of the thing's essence.
    • Haecceity thus enabled Scotus to find a middle ground in the debate over universals between Nominalism and Realism.
    • Garfinkel ... used the word haecceity in his seminal Studies in Ethnomethodology (1967), to enhance the indexical inevitable character of any expression, behavior or situation. (wikipedia )