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  • Garfinkel ... used the word haecceity in his seminal Studies in Ethnomethodology (1967), to enhance the indexical inevitable character of any expression, behavior or situation. (wikipedia )
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  • The situated action approach to artificial intelligence involved a radical rethinking of all aspects of its problem domain of intelligent action. It was deeply influenced by Heidegger, Ethnomethodology, and phenomenology, and a few other strains of thought that are not very common in technical discourse, or at least were not at that place and time (1980s MIT AI lab).
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    • Harold Garfinkel founded the discipline called ethnomethodology, which is the empirical study of everyday practical activity. Like Heidegger and Wittgenstein, Garfinkel found that meaning lives in interaction. But whereas they derived their conclusions from informal reflection on personal experience, ethnomethodology observes other people doing meaningful things in meticulous detail—typically through obsessive analysis of video tapes. Particularly interesting for me are the many ethnomethodological studies of laboratory scientists running experiments.