The Fly

25 Mar 2022 05:16 - 16 Dec 2022 12:22
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    • movie directed by David Cronenberg and with a fantastic performance by Jeff Goldblum.
    • Although on thinking about it, it's the same basic situation as Kafka's Metamorphosis, but done in Hollywood operatic scale rather than a single imagination.
      • Can't say which is better or worse but I feel somewhat obligated to vote for Kafka because of the economy of means, which is basically my main esthetic instinct.
      • Well, no, not really. In Kafka the metamorphosis is a done deal and the only thing that matters are the social consequences, in the movie you get to see the metamorphosis happen slowly and quite horrifically over time.
      • Also in Kafka he doesn't really become monstrous to himself, just to everybody else. Gregor Samsa is largely unchanged, he is still himself, just adapting to very bad circumstances.
    • There's one scene in particular that resonates, the one in which he's desperately trying to maintain a higher proportion of human genes, so plans to teleportically mix his genome with that of Geena Davis. This is the dramatic climax of the movie, but it's such an interesting existential predicament...feeling your humanity being swamped by something monstrous and alien, fighting to preserve it but using monstrous methods, so you have failed before you try, and the human part of you must know it...