My philosophy which is mine

28 Jul 2022 11:50 - 28 Jul 2022 12:02
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    • [trying to explain myself to Weird Studies] Jul 28th, 2022
    • There's only one universe, by definition. Splitting it up into physical and mental components, or natural/supernatural, body/mind, or any of the other equivalent dichotomies is just wrong, a bad carving, and the root of almost all the confusion of the western mind.
    • We are pretty bad at grasping the universe in toto so we cut it up into domains that each have their own languages and concepts.
    • Science and the language of science is of course one of these, but only one. Science can explain a lot, but to think it can somehow subsume all of human thought is naive, presumptious, and somewhere between assholic and imperialist.
    • Cybernetics and computationalism thought they had unified the mental and physical. To some extent they did, or at least, went farther than previous efforts. But as the fields tried to establish a body of knowledge on their initial insights, they ended up importing the same broken dichotomies. (In part this was due to an arrogant refusal to philosophize).
    • Ideas are real, and thus gods, spirits, abstractions like "justice" are all real. Not real as in chair-in-front-of-you real, but real in that they have a real presence in and effect on the human mind. (see "God" ≡ God)
      • This seems like a simple and obvious truth, but the implications are staggering and unclear.
      • Despite it sounding like woo, it is extremely compatibile with the art of computation, which is all about taking abstractions and making them real.