Free Will is Incoherent

29 Oct 2023 08:50 - 29 Oct 2023 09:26
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    • Assume a block universe, that is, that time is real, concrete, and singular. Past and future are just as real as Now, even if we can't know them [as] directly.
    • Given that, free will basically makes no sense. What you will do in the future is just as fixed as what you did in the past. You can agonize all you want over choices, you can flip a coin to introduce randomness, but your future has been fixed from the foundations of the world.
    • What could free will even mean in such a universe? That you "could" do something else, other than what you actually are going to do? But you won't!
    • You could say, well, OK, let's get rid of the block universe, which seems suspect. It is contrary to experience, it is a tool of evil materialists, objectivists, closet theists (the block universe is reality as seen by God, "objectively" IOW from nowhere). The future is not set in concrete, it is unwritten. We have the (somewhat magical) power to create it, to be the authors of our own lives.
    • Even so – given an apparent choice, you can only choose one thing, and for all times going forward that will be part of the reality of the universe. The future may be unwritten, but the future was a way of becoming the past, steadily and inexorably, and your free choice become part of fixed history. Could you have chosen differently? Maybe – but you didn't.