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from memoization
  • A trick to add a bit of state to Clojure, I use it a lot.
from memoization
  • It would be nice (if unClojureish) to have a way to invalidate some or all of those memoization caches.
from Pacifica Police Incidents
  • Technologies: Clojure, AWS Textract, Google Maps
from Clojure/CLOS-like-ness
    • Then again, if we all listened when somebody said "don't do this, it's dumb", Steve Russell might have listened to John McCarthy and never hand-compiled his eval, and we might never have had Lisp on a computer at all. Thus began a long history of Lisp hackers who had no respect for what somebody else said was the right thing to do! So I say, go for it, port CLOS to Clojure, and see what happens. Really, what's the worst that could happen? :-)
from Lisp
  • Working in Lisp gives you a kind of feeling that is hard to describe; its almost as if abstractions take on a tactile quality; there is very little boundary between thought and its realization. Lisp is not the only computational system to have this quality but it's been that for me. Roam has some of that quality and it's not a coincidence that it is implemented in the Lisp dialect Clojure.
from Lumo
  • An implementation of ClojureScript in an npm environment, useful for scripting like regular Clojure is not, since it eliminates the agonizing start-up time of the JVM.
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