How to be less agentic

23 Nov 2022 10:16 - 13 Jan 2024 09:20
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    • Higher things
      • Meditation
      • Other forms of religiosity. Disdain your precious egoic will and submit yourself to higher powers.
    • Interrogate the very concept of agency
      • See this whole hypertext.
      • Recognize that you are a causally-embedded complex machine and freedom is an illusion.
    • Politics
      • Subsume your agency to a movement. Help build its collective consciousness.
    • Detach yourself from the conspiracy
      • Recognize that the whole system of achievment and status is bullshit.
      • Recognize that your goals might not be your own, and what you think of as "agentic" is a conspiracy to steal your slack (see below).
      • Drop out of society and find your real goals. This was the hippie idea, not very popular today, but I retain admiration for those countercultural pioneers
    • Lower things
      • Drugs are a pretty good technique for subverting agency. Marijuana in particular is said to lead to lower motivation, which is supposed to be bad, but maybe it just changes the structure of your goals and agency (see hippies).