Church of the SubGenius

03 Mar 2022 09:00 - 22 Jan 2024 08:56
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    • A newish documentary
    • I actually appear in this movie for about 0.2 seconds total. And authored this meditation aid as my personal act of Bobulation. But I gotta say in the QAnon era reality has lapped parody and the Church just is not quite the spiritual hoot that it once was.
    • By its Divine Cheepnis, this seems a good example of the exercise of Bulldada. Some paths to Slack must be learned. Others come naturally, such as bulldada . A specialized form of insight, Bulldada recognizes the motive behind the mask, the uncontrollable urge behind the veil of appearance. The cheesy soundtrack, the unconvincing special effects, and the laughable sap in the zipper-backed lizard suit, the act of MAKING DO and giving the world your unique vision, no matter how "BAD" -- these make all B-movies inherently superior to multi-million dollar film "epics." The reason cheap sci-fi junk appeals to the young is not because they're dumb, but because they haven't been sold on someone else's idea of *what's good yet. *If a cosmic truth is found in a comic panel, or a sophomoric joke discovered carved in stone by a flaming finger, is the message somehow stunted by the medium? Bulldada says "no." We merely need Bulldada eyes to see, Bulldada ears to hear, and suddenly the world around us becomes rich with information once hidden. The delicate swirlings of gutter trash becomes the highest art. To know Bulldada is to know all things, for all things are Bulldada. As it says in Clevecclesians 6:14: "Learn to be a Connoisseur of the Obvious."
    • But you have to be ten times smarter than your normal self to even understand this, much less remember it.
    • I found [a PhD dissertation]( Now) on The Church
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      • In a discussion of Aristotle’s rhetoric of catharsis, Burke tentatively invents one of his own neologisms: “experimentally, I would propose to make up an English verb, ‘to beyond,’ and thus to translate the Aristotelian formula; ‘through pity and fear beyonding the catharsis of such emotions” (Language 298). Each of the SubGenius neologisms are a “beyonding” of traditionally fixed meanings that expand conception via hybridizing, a practice that McLuhan called “a technique of creative discovery” (Understanding 80).