Many Dimensional Man

06 Jun 2022 10:16 - 06 Jun 2022 10:34
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    • 1977 book by James Ogilvy, heavily blurbed by Stewart Brand. Full title: Many Dimensional Man: Decentralizing Self, Society, and the Sacred. Very much about agency; and obviously taking off from Marcuse's One-Dimensional Man.
    • Specifically at issue is the question: are power and technology suprapersonal agents with lives of their own, or must 'agency' be necessarily linked with 'persons'? As the title of Part One, "Structures of Agency" might suggest, agency will emerge as a structure locateable in several different dimensions....[it] will emerge as a pluralized and pluralizing process found in persons, parts of persons and among assemblages of persons. Agency has its transforms in the personal, intrapersonal, and suprapersonal dimensions. (p48)