Interview with Thi Nguyen

08 Dec 2022 06:36 - 08 Dec 2022 06:36
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    • food porn, moral outrage porn – defining this
    • real moral outrage (and sex) is not bad, but the porn version displaces the real, simplifying it for the form of immediate gratification.
    • superstimulators.
      • gurus as providing intellectual junk food.
    • academic specialization means we don't really understand much. Gurus sell back that feeling of being a genuine polymath.
    • Allison Gopnick, Understanding as Orgasm (must check that out)
      • the feeling of clarity, the aha moment – time to stop thinking
      • This has a dirty-Minsky feel to it
      • so faking understanding is a superstimulator – that's insight porn (and gurus are purveyors of same)
        • Crying of Lot 49 and other conspiracy stuff
      • understanding: facts are no longer atomic, they cohere in a reinforcing way
      • ref to The Knowledge Machine which I really want to read.
    • echo chambers vs. filter bubbles.
    • epistemic traps
    • Connection with game design – gds are good at presenting users with illusion of choice.