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from Nihilism in Art
  • Tinguley's Homage to New York Maybe interpreting this as nihilist is shallow – it's more like a transitory burst of energy, a form of art deliberately designed for impermanence. It's anti-eternalist, but affirming something: motion, energy, change.
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Homage to New York

05 Aug 2021 08:51 - 01 Jan 2022 07:48

    • A self-destructing sculpture by Jacques Tinguely
    • Jean Tinguely's "Self-destroying construction No. 1", Homage to New York, was built in the Buckminster Fuller dome at the Museum of Modern Art over a period of three weeks. When in 17 March 1960 his machine was put into action, the specctacle was one of beautiful humour, poetry, and confusion. The machine performed for half and hour and exists no more.
      • The Garden Party, Billy Kluver, in Jean Tinguely: A Magic Stronger than Death