Laws of Form

30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 23 Oct 2022 10:45
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    • A cultish math book, introduced to me by the Whole Earth Catalog and Francisco Varela. From a purely math standpoint, it appears to introduce some novel and perhaps useful notation and invent something sort of like imaginary Boolean values. From a deeper metaphysical standpoint, it offers a way to talk about distinctions in general and our representation and participation in them.
    • The number of different windows is endless. The unbridled conceit of the western nexus is to say that only certain window sare 'sound', and that the others are •wrong, misleading , hallucinatory , etc . So be warned. If you look through a window that is disallowed for any of these reasons, be very careful whom you tell, and how you tell it. If in doubt, keep quiet. Above all, don't blurt it out to people who haven't been there and wouldn't go there, however much you might,like them to accompany you. It will only upset them, and they will feel that they have to attack you, to invalidate you in some way. – from Only Two Can Play This Game, p98