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from William Blake
from Meditations on Meditations on Moloch
  • One of SlateStarCodex's most famous posts is his take on Allen Ginsberg's Howl, Meditations on Moloch. At least, it takes off from Ginsberg's portrait of industrial civilization being animated by Moloch, a brutal god who demands sacrifice. SlateStarCodex's take on Moloch is interesting; he identifies it not with an actual deity or with some personified attributes of the human mind, but with certain natural characteristics of the overall dynamics of life, unfortunate competitive dynamics that lead to bad results for everyone, such as the ruthlessness required by evolution and Malthusian economics. Moloch is not an agent, it's just the brutal way things are.
from The Trial of the Chicago 7
  • But if you pull back a bit this legal maneuvering is kind of pointless, because it was obvious to all that this trial was a kind of ritually staged conflict between not just two radically different political factions but entire sets of values. This was made amply clear by Allen Ginsberg's testimony, an iconic moment that the film somewhat inexplicably leaves out.
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