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18 Jan 2024 12:58 - 18 Jan 2024 01:12
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    • Something is missing from [Heidegger]'s life and from his work. Iris Murdoch thought the missing thing was goodness, and therefore that his philosophy lacked an ethical centre or /heart/...One could call this missing element 'humanity' in several senses. Heigegger set hiself against the philosophy of humanism, and he h9imself was rarely humane in his behavior....The result, despite heidegger's mythologising of home, is a philosophy that feels uninhabitable. (p320) Comparing with Sartre, who was monstrous in more than a few ways but very human, a full character. Huh, Sartre at the end of the life say "I have not changed profoundly, and I have always remained an anarchist" (I guess the hardline Stalinism was an abberation). He was a true atheist or tried to be, compared to Heideggers mysticism. * Nod to Dreyfus as applying Heidegger to modern tech, "Everything, above all ourselves, becaues a resource, precisely as H warned" (p324). Cites The Machine Stops! "the imponderable bloom". Also nod to Merleau-Ponty as originator of embodiment