Maps in Goddinpotty

16 Jan 2022 06:40 - 06 Nov 2022 07:43
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    • Oh wow I can't believe the recursive embedded tag worked! Bet it breaks something.
      • didn't break, but doesn't render internal link when it could (title of this page)
    • Maps (aka hairballs) are a feature I added to static-roam because it was an interesting hacking and design challenge. I'm only somewhat pleased with the results. It's kind of cool, and it does actually visually express something about my thinking. The problem is, it mainly expresses its chaotic and disordered nature. And it doesn't actually leverage the cognitive powers of spatialization, like a memory palace or conceptual museum.
    • Here's an idea for an alternative
      • Do a static but good spatial layout of the existing graph, one that successfully creates some meaningful neighborhoods.
      • Render that, and have a GMap-style interface to it. rather than the jiggling hairballs.
      • As the graph grows, retain the layout, just fill in the gaps, let it grow the way a city does
        • if overcrowding becomes intolerable, you can always do a global relayout, but the idea is not to do this often (every n years).
      • Another advantage of static map is that it can be drawn on and decorated arbitrarily (offline and awkwardly, but doesn't matter).