22 Oct 2022 10:55 - 22 Oct 2022 10:59
Open in Logseq
    • It sucks! I hate to say that about an open-source product that is better than any of the alternatives, but man does it suck! So many small infelicities. (Note: I feel kind of the same way about Logseq, although that one I actually try to be a constructive contributor).
    • Like, right now, all I wanted was to set it up so that any downloaded PDF would automatically be imported. Should be easy? But no. There isn't even a meny command to do this, you have to use drag-and-drop. There are various plugins that are supposed to help, they don't seem to work.
      • Note: it might be I am missing something, in which my complaint is that the feature is not very discoverable.