19 Jul 2022 12:58 - 19 Jul 2022 01:24
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    • Heidegger's term for – well, what exactly? Sein is being, Dasein is "there-being".
    • One proposal for how to think about the term ‘Dasein’ is that it is Heidegger's label for the distinctive mode of Being realized by human beings...
    • If we look around at beings in general—from particles to planets, ants to apes—it is human beings alone who are able to encounter the question of what it means to be (e.g., in moments of anxiety in which the world can appear meaningless, more on which later).
    • This sounds like "consciousness", but at a particular level of reflexivity (eg dogs may be conscious or inquisitive but they don't, we presume, question their being or nature).