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    • I guess this page was originally about the TV show, but I don't actually have much to say about that, so it turned into something more intellectual...see also re-enchantment
    • Here we should bear in mind that disenchantment and its connections with liberal secularism and the instrumental rationality of the modern state apparatus was never a fait accompli and never could be. Disenchantment existed and continues to exist but did and does so alongside continuous re-enchantment. It’s not that cults and the church exist alongside the secular but that the latter itself is necessarily infused with its own magic, as argued in detail in Horkheimer and Adorno’s Dialectic of Enlightenment. Enchantment was at the core of the new reality in industrializing Europe, but no longer was it deemed spiritual or magical. Nevertheless it was vital to the economy, as with Marx’s commodity fetishism, the “religion” of work and productivity, the belief in progress, and, since World War II, the spirituality of consumerism...