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  • A caution: my goal is not to write a self-help book or a manual on how to acquire more agency. I guess this is something people might be looking for, given how it is basically the promise of a whole subindustry of productivity and self-help gurus, and a concern of Rationalism (see LWMap/Being a Robust Agent and High Agency ).

High Agency

03 Apr 2023 04:14 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • OK, my tendency is to sneer at this sort of self-help version of agency, but honestly I shouldn't. OTOH look what shits are pushing it (Eric Weinstein) and what high-agency dudes like Elon Must are like.
    • Especially this notion of "High Agency People" as this special class of supermen.
    • Also some of the examples are weird, like why no wheels on luggage until the 90s?
    • OTOH: this is what Stewart Brand and Whole Earth Catalog were doing: access to tools, we are as gods. He did not use terms like "increased agency" but that was pretty much the core philosophy. Also related to the hacker stance, and to some extent Stoicism.
    • "Agency" is too fucking neutral, perhaps is the problem. Agency for whom? If you are inventing new things for the benefit of mankind, great, but if you are using your agency for private gain, you are just another douchebro most likely.
    • Alternate meaning

      • Getting so fucking high that you find yourself acting out of something other than ordinary agency.