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from Francisco Varela
  • Paper: The Arithmetic of Closure, Varela and Joseph Goguen
    • Huh Goguen is a familiar name, he was a CS guy and at SRI,
      • Goguen, Joseph. 1997. "A Social, Ethical Theory of Information." In Geoffrey C. Bowker, Les Gasser, Susan Leigh Star and William Turner (eds.). Social Science, Technical Systems and Cooperative Work. Princeton, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates.
    • What is the proper notion of a whole? Uh-oh.
      • Realizing I have an instinctive sneer to all holism-talk. Picked that up at MIT of course. Yet I find myself attracted to it, eg here or with Christopher Alexander. Probably deserves a page of its own.
    • Distinction and Stability
    • Definitions are distinctions, so defining them is problematic
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Joseph Goguen

06 Jan 2022 07:02 - 06 Jan 2022 07:02

    • Seems like someone whose work I should know better; his name keeps popping up in interesting contexts. Joseph Goguen - Wikipedia
    • Cited and acknowleged in Phil Agre's Towards a Critical Technical Practice
    • He co-published with Francisco Varela, was a Buddhist, has a Naropa connection.
    • Oneironomics | Algebraic Semiotics
      • All these come together in Goguen’s algebraic semiotics, which uses category theory to formalize the notion of sign-system, serving as a principled approach to user interface design.
    • Burstall, R. & Goguen, J. (1997) Putting Theories Together to Make Specifications. Proceedings of the 5th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Cambridge, Massachusetts, pp. 1045-1058 (cited by Shrager in Biodeducta paper)