30 Oct 2022 11:51 - 30 Oct 2022 01:15
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    • The position that there is nothing outside of nature, that is, it is the negation of supernaturalism.
    • My arrogant and possibly assholic opinion:
      • This is obviously correct, because supernaturalism doesn't make any sense . It's not a coherent metaphysics, it's just another bogus dualism.
      • That is to say, things are real or not or maybe even somewhere in between, but there aren't two kinds of real, the natural and the supernatural. What would that even mean?
        • Philosophers might call this flat ontology but that is a fancy word for something that seems crushingly obvious (it isn't, but it seems that way to me).
    • The problem is that you just can't throw out fundamental cultural dualities like that. They are too strong, too connected to how we think. You discard the supernatural, and people think you are throwing away morality, awareness, love, sacredness, and everything else that is traditionally connected to the divine. And they may be right!
    • This is one reason I am spending my free time hanging out with intelligent supernaturalists and trying to be part of their club.