The Ultimate Lesson

17 Jul 2022 12:23 - 15 Sep 2023 11:05
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    • A dumb hack I did as a teenager (so around 1975), but if I had been more savvy. I could have packaged it as high art perhaps. It has shades of Borges' Library of Babel, and maybe Arthur Ganson's Machine With Concrete
    • This was a program for PLATO that simply iterated through all possible screens. The PLATO displays were 512x512 plasma displays, so that would be \(2^{512^2}\) states.
    • "Lesson" is just what programs or repositories were called on PLATO, there was no particular tutorial intent behind it.
    • Thought about it just now in the context of Weird Studies/PKD where they touch upon the simulation argument and the meaningless that results from many-world cosmologies.