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from Marvin Minsky
  • Marvin goes Heideggerian
    • Consider how one can scarcely but see a hammer except as something to hammer with
from antiphilosophy
  • I came by my anti-philosophy stance at MIT, of course, where the standard line was that AI and cybernetics had rendered all past philosophical discourse obsolete and irrelevant. This was not quite the case (See Heideggerian AI , and Phil Agre on AI's contempt for philosophy The Soul Gained and Lost )
from Heidegger
from Technic and Magic
  • This sounds to me like it shares some agenda with the Heideggerian AI and other embodiment theorists. Which is weird, because I think of that stuff as very non-magical, on the contrary, it's very down to earth, physical, naturalistic, and pragmatic, or at least is oriented towards that sort of thing. I guess both are ways to get away from the square Technic mode of thinking, but very different ways.

Heideggerian AI

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