17 Feb 2022 01:54 - 04 Oct 2022 06:00
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    • At my age I don't run into novel words all that often, and thought I should note them when I do. My personal version Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary.
    • Feb 17th, 2021 metaleptic

    • From a functional point of view, metalepsis can be defined as the shift of a figure within a text (usually a character or a narrator) from one narrative level to another, marking a trangression of ontological borders. This procedure makes the reader or addressee aware of the fictional status of a text and ensures the maintenance of a specifically aesthetic distance, thereby counteracting any experience of immersion in the literary work.
      • Trying to think of the use of this trope and (ick) came up with Funny Games, but the phenom in film has a different name I think? Fourth-wall-breaking?
    • Nov 26, 2021 circumnutation

      • Darwin's term for the twisty phototropism of climbing plants, via Oliver Sacks The River of Consciousness
    • May 27, 2022 velliety

      • related to benevolent (and malevolent)
    • Jun 3rd, 2022 urticating

      • Found irt to this fabulous creature, a Saturniidae moth caterpillar
      • image.png
    • Jul 27th, 2022 banausic

      • relating to or concerned with earning a living — used pejoratively. Utilitarian, practical, mundame.
      • What the transcendental philosophers saw as the spiritual, the empirical philosophers saw as the emotional. What the empirical philosophers saw as the achievements of natural science in discovering the nature of Reality, the transcendental philosophers saw as banausic, as true but irrelevant to Truth.