21 Oct 2022 12:46 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • Very promising opening with the Del Close sketch about what "dig" means. Love that shit
    • hipness "resists definition" which is also (not very coincidentally) said of the weird. OK, we are all seeking to evade the laws of reason, to go beyond them, to escape them as oppressive. That is one version of what hipness is.
      • So anything you say about it is false to it, more or less. The first few pages are all about this paradox.
    • Hip is a stance, more than anything else, a particular way of relating to reality. Elements of hip:
      • alienation from the goals of mainstream society, reified as a dull and meaningless game (the rat race) that functions as chains of illusion on the mind of the everyday citizen.
      • determination to live outside the game, or a felt necessity of doing so
      • Hipness is not an idea, style, or habit, but rather a stance toward the square, uptight, unfree world, renegotiated moment by moment as the individual deals with whatever that world might propose...There are no rules to learn or loyalties to enforce. It is woven into the very fabric of hipness that it not offer itself up to analysis... (p 4)
    • Hipness as style is always sought after by the mainstream (via "coollhunters") and resists this commodification by mutating.