30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 16 Dec 2022 12:22
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    • On the nature of writing and its relationship to thought, or how we think about thought, Orality and Literacy blew my mind, along with Phil Agre's Writing and Representaton. Highly recommend.
    • Of course we are in the midst of a complete technological revolution in writing, at least as important as the invention of printing. Social media combines elements of the written word and the real-timeness of the oral...and I'm sure this has been analyzed to death somewhere...
    • All writing is pigshit. Those who attempt to turn any part of the mind into words on a page – are pigs.
    • The old novelists like Scott were always writing their way out of debt...laudable...a valuable attribute for a writer is tenacity. So William Seward Hall sets out to write his way out of death. Death, he reflects, is a kind of spiritual bankruptcy. One must be careful to avoid the crime of concealing assets...a precise inventory will often show that the assets are considerable and that bankruptcy is not justified. A writer must be very punctilious and scrupulous about his debts.
    • Writing is born from and deals with the acknowledged doubt of an explicit division, in sum, of the impossibility of one's own place.
      • – Michel de Certeau, L'Ecriture de l'histoire (quoted in D&G book on Kafka)