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    • Note: whenever I write about Buddhism, assume that I have no fucking clue what I'm talking about, and go read someone who does have one, unless you for some reason are interested specifically in my take.
    • Not quite the same thing as empathy but close. The Buddhist take on compassion seems quite different from superficially similar attitudes in Christianity (mercy). Compassion is not just a virtue to practice, it is one of the fundamental properties of being itself. It is both a goal and technique of liberation, in particular, liberation from illusions of separateness.
    • One of the godly virtues of Mussar
    • Self-compassion sounds like it deserves its own page. It sounds like a self-help movement, I could write a fucking book and make bank. Surely it's been done. Self-Compassion
    • Luvah in Blake's cosmogeny.
    • Jesus forgives all sin, Buddha has compassion for all beings.
      • Jesus does not exactly forgive, that's easy. He redeems, he is sacrificed, he takes on the punishment that we deserve. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that is the story.
      • Buddha's compassion is something else again, and perhaps beyond my understanding. He does not forgive sin, he liberates from suffering. These aren't at all the same thing, other than being Aspects Of What We Want From Religion or something like that.
        • Hm there must be a vast literature on this...
        • Prima facie, the association of the Tibetan term for ‘compassion’ with action stands at odds with the Graeco-Roman association of ‘compassion’ with emotion. In the Indo-Tibetan tradition, ‘compassion’ is, however, also closely associated with the emotion described as ‘loving-kindness’ (Sanskrit* metta*) while Aquinas’ construal of compassion as a passio animae, an affective reaction which brings about a change in bodily state, is seen by him as the basis, when joined with reason, of its correlative virtue, caritas. Arguably, therefore, the meanings of snying rje and misericordia, both of them translated as* ‘compassion’,* are not so far apart as they might seem at first.
      • See also, metta aka loving kindness, which is not quite the same thing. They are both one of the Brahmavihārās