31 May 2022 07:56 - 31 May 2022 07:58
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    • I just made up this term, which should not be confused with ts close relative Maltheism. Malatheism means the stance of "god doesn't exist and he's an asshole", a pithy description I got from Phil Ford of Weird Studies, also nicely fictionalized in Yossarian and belief.
    • The notion of a malign god sounds kind of dark and edgy I guess, compared to official religion in which god is the source of all good and is pure goodness. But it also seems like simple common sense. The idea that one being could both be the creator of everything and also pure good is incoherent, unless you are prepared to deny the reality of evil. Much easier to believe in a god whose attributes include cruelty.
    • The malatheist position is not quite as grim as that, it does not really posit that we are prisoners in some kind of cosmic torture chamber. No, our misfortunes are due to chance, not malign agency. It's just saying that if somebody actually was responsible for this festering disaster of a world – man, what an asshole.