27 Feb 2022 10:45 - 24 Nov 2023 08:45
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    • Scientific Object Description Architecture, a tool I built at Afferent. An extension to CLOS that would provide objects with database backing (that is, an ORM, although I don't think I had heard of those at the time), and enough semantic annotations that some of the UI layer could be automatically generated. Kind of like what Rails and other web application stacks offer, although this was a desktop application.
    • Eventually Afferent was bought by MDL. They left our group and San Francisco office intact, and we set out to work on new projects and products. We had built one complex application, a combinatorial chemistry experiment planner. SODA was part of a larger effort to turn the application into a platform that would allow us to build additional applications. The first was Apex, a plate management system.
    • SODA is an example of what I always seem to end up doing – pushing things one level up the abstraction hierarchy, building a tool for some kind of lightweight ontology or object model where there wasn't one before.