Martin Buber

30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 13 Jan 2024 08:45
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    • I had a guest post up at ribbonfarm, which turned out to be a conceptual salad of Martin Buber, cognitive psychology, the culture of Asperger's, and social media. The word stance is used.
    • A large tweetstorm by Zohar Atkins on Buber.
    • Despite my Jewish background, I think I found I and Thou via the Whole Earth Catalog and Ken Kesey:
    • Notes on Kesey commentary
      • local political action, well sure, ok, but only if it "communicates with the area of diseased consciousness"
      • Everything short of the toe-to-toe Truth and Love that comes from real confrontation of individual consciousness is just playing with Barbie dolls.
      • This is a very 60s idea, that the way to real relationship is via "confrontation". I guess I vibe with that intellectually, given my self-identification as a conflict theory guy. But I don't have the right social skills or environment to practice it. Have been searching.