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    • Only the most important thinker of the 20th century (I think that's fair to say, regardless if you are a fan or think he's pernicious). A dangerous one, because he kind of kicks the props out from under conventional morality, and it's not clear what is to replace it.
    • and the Jews

      • Not a big fan of Jews, although I'm sure the story is more complex.
        • The Jews – a people “born for slavery” as Tacitus and the entire ancient world say, “the people chosen of all peoples” as they themselves say and think – the Jews have achieved that miraculous thing, an inversion of values, thanks to which life on earth has had a new and dangerous charm for several millennia: – their prophets melted together “rich,” “godless,” “evil,” “violent,” “sensual” and for the first time coined an insult out of the word “world.” The significance of the Jewish people lies in this inversion of values (which includes using the word for “poor” as a synonym for “holy” and “friend”): the slave revolt in morality begins with the Jews.
        • Beyond Good and Evil, 195