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    • Seems positively dangerous to me. A mind-destroying ideas as Minsky called them. Thought is based on distinctions and differences, and if you eliminate them you basically eliminate the possibility of cognition.
      • This is called the "but muh distinctions" response.
      • The answer I think is that it isn't about eliminating distinctions (that would itself be dualistic), but recognizing their true nature. As forms they are marked by emptiness. Not quite real and not quite unreal.
      • If you are doing it right, nondualism does not produce mindless catatonia, but rather a more playful and exuberant view on life, as you recognize its true nature.
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      • – from Vimalakirti Sutra which has a whole chapter devoted to declarations like the above.
      • “Nonduality” (advayatva) = “Middle Path” (madhyamapratipat) = freedom from extremes of being and nothingness (antadvayavivarjita). For numerous references, see Lamotte, pp. 301-302, n. 1.
    • Aro - Form, emptiness, and non-duality
      • Nonduality is experienced as the nature of Mind — in which thought and the absence of thought are no longer mutually exclusive. This is ro-gÇig – the one taste.