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from quarantine reading 2020
  • The design of design, Fred Brooks, 7/14 Fun fact: I read this in preparation for giving [a presentation on "Software Engineering 101"] to our highschool interns.
from Engineers of Human Souls
  • Of course today we have actual engineers rebuilding the human soul. These are the computer technologists who have invented and reinvented the media by which people communicate and interact with each other. To the extent our souls are social, bound up with one another, this must drastically affect not just how we talk with each other, but what we are. Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin, Slack and Tiktok, are the designers of our group consciousness these days.
from Christopher Alexander
  • Architect and design Theorist. Best known for his book A Pattern Language which introduced the idea of design patterns, later picked up on by the software field.
from powerful abstraction
  • The highest achievement in this respect is language design. A language is an abstraction that is purely general – that is, very abstract, but in a way that makes it applicable to many different situations and uses.
from Lisp
  • A big influence and so far the only one that isn't a person (John McCarthy invented the first version but it's grown quite beyond his original concept). I learned Lisp by hanging out at the MIT AI lab with some of the Symbolics founders, and have been using it as my main tool ever since. The Lisp Machine remains at the pinnacle of environments for programming as a design activity; I don't know why the state of the art hasn't advanced since then.
from Christopher Alexander
from powerful abstraction
  • The Holy Grail of computing, at least the kind I care about, is the powerful abstraction. All programming or system design is about designing abstractions, more or less. People who work with computers develop a fine sense of what makes a good abstraction, and their best professional moments are when they come up with the right one for a particular design.
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