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  • Yes that is one of the things that makes Blake particularly appealing to me, this radically compactified meaning has something of the same power and appeal of a powerful abstraction in a computational system.
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01 Jan 2021 06:15 - 01 Jan 2022 07:48

    • The Holy Grail of computing, at least the kind I care about, is the powerful abstraction. All programming or system design is about designing abstractions, more or less. People who work with computers develop a fine sense of what makes a good abstraction, and their best professional moments are when they come up with the right one for a particular design.
    • The highest achievement in this respect is language design. A language is an abstraction that is purely general – that is, very abstract, but in a way that makes it applicable to many different situations and uses.
    • OOP languages, once thought to be the answer to everything and now in some disrepute (which illustrates that the aesthetics of abstraction has its fads and seasons just like artists and (real) architects).
    • Refs
      • Tellman book?
      • Software Patterns
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      • who else?